Curse of the Azure Bonds Adventure Journal

INTRODUCTION -- or -- What Are We Doing in Tilverton, Anyway?


I am beginning a new journal. My old journal is gone, along with all of the party's equipment. I write here to try to make some sense out of our spotty memories. We had all agreed to come south to Tilverton to seek the lost princess, Nacacia of Cormyr. Tilverton is on the border between the Dalelands and Cormyr, and was the last place the princess had been spotted. Rumor was that King Azoun's youngest daughter, the Princess Nacacia, ran away from the royal household of Cormyr almost a year ago. She fled an arranged marriage and ran off with a cleric from Tilverton named Gharri of Gond. The latest word was the Nacacia and Gharri had a falling out and that she was seen near Tilverton recently. The king had a large reward out for Nacacia's return. A smart group of adventurers like ourselves could make some powerful friends if they found the princess and returned her to the king. Somewhere along the road to Tilverton we were attacked. The brigands must have been invisible, because some of our party went down before we knew what was going on. I vaguely remember dark faces in evil-looking helmets firing crossbows into our midst. The crossbow hits were not fatal, but every hit seemed to drop its target. I remember getting hit in the arm. The wound blazed like fire. My head swam. Just before I blacked out, I thought that this was a bad end for such experienced adventurers. Now we awake in Tilverton with our wounds healed. Our equipment is gone, but we have found a stash of coins. One of our first priorities must be to buy new equipment. I overheard a servant mention the date, but I m not sure I believe it. If the servant speaks true, it is almost a month since the ambush. Almost anything could have happened in that time. It seems that almost anything did. Each of us awoke with five azure blue symbols imprinted on our sword arm. The symbols are not tattoos; they seem to exist below the skin. They occasionally feel like they re moving.


We have devised a plan of attack. Our spell-casters will prepare their spells. We will purchase some new arms and armor. Then we are going out into Tilverton and find out what is going on. Someone must know. And I don't care if we have to roust every sage, priest, and bartender in this town to find out. These are some random printed notes I have collected. Their information may be important on our journey -- Page 1 --


The area shown on the map stretches from Tilverton in the southwest to Phlan in the northeast. It includes the center of the Elven Court, the western shores of the Moonsea, and several of the dales surrounding the Elven Court. The area is sparsely populated, with major concentrations in the cities and towns and farms covering the intervening dales. Each location on the map is described below.

Cormyr is a large civilized nation the south and west of the Dalelands. The forces of Cormyr have extended their northern border by annexing the city of Tilverton. Cormyr has no known plans to continue its expansion towards the Dalelands.

Dagger Falls is a farming community on the River Tesh and the largest settlement in Daggerdale. The inhabitants of Dagger Falls dislike outsiders of any kind. They fear the expansion of Zhentil Keep may destroy their independence.

The Dalelands include the fertile areas surrounding the vast Elven Court. There are many dales around the Count, including: Shadowdale, Mistedale, Battledale, and Daggerdale.

The Elven Court is a vast forest that was the center of elven civilization in the areas near the Moonsea. When the elves left is The Retreat, the elven court was left empty. Without the elves to control them, evil creatures have begun to multiply deep within the forests. Some fear that these creatures will become a threat to the surrounding Dalelands.


Essembra is the trading center for Battledale. Battledale has seen many conflicts, many bitter enemies Rnd it convenient to hold their wars in Battledale, rather than risk ravishing their own lands. Battledale has lost some of its former power with the retreat of the elves.

Hillsfar was formerly the major trading center between the Elves of the Elven Court and the Humans of the Moonsea reaches. With the retreat of the elves, Hillsfar has been taken over by a ruthless dictator. He has expanded the Red Plume mercenaries and is engaged in a successful military campaign against Zhentil Keep in the ruins of Yulash.

Mistledale is a quiet farming community. Its largest town is Ashabenford, where the River Ashaba crosses the road from Hillsfar to Tilverton.

Myth Drannor was a huge ancient city of elves at the center of the Elven Court. When the elves left the Elven Court, the city was left deserted. Evil creatures, drawn by the elven places of power, quickly rushed into the city and turned it into a foreboding ruin.

Shadowdale is the name of both a town and its surrounding area located where the River Ashaba crosses the road from Tilverton to Voonlar. Shadowdale is a haven for adventurers and happily opens its arms to the power, protection, and riches that successful adventurers bring. Shadowdale is also home to the famous sage Elminster.

The Standing Stone is a large marker commemorating the signing of the agreement whereby the elves allowed humans to settle the Dalelands. The marker is also the closest marker to the ruined city of Myth Drannor.

Teshwave is a medium-sized city that has been recently occupied by the forces of Zhentil Keep. So far the occupation has been a calm affair and the forces of Zhentil Keep think that the people of Teshwave have been cowed.

Tilverton is a small city on the southwestern border of the kingdom of Cormyr near the Dalelands. Tilverton was recently taken over by the Cormyr Protection forces and is currently occupied by the 7th Division. However, the occupation is going peacefully, and the people of Tilverton actually seem relieved to be under the protection of the kingdom of Cormyr.

Voonlar is an evil city which has allied with Zhentil Keep. Troops from Voonlar have attempted to invade Shadowdale many times, but have always been turned back.

Yulash is a ruined city that sits on the only trade route from Zhentil Keep to the civilized southlands. The city is currently controlled by the Red Plume mercenaries of Hillsfar after a bitter struggle with the forces of Zhentil Keep. Both sides are preparing themselves for another round of battle.

Zhentil Keep is a major city politically controlled by the evil Zhentrim. The city has been expanding its influence both west and south and many fear any further expansion of its power.



The Army of Zhentil Keep is not so much a tool of the city state, as it is a tool of the evil group, the Zhentrim. The army has recently taken the city of Teshwave, patrols the route to Voonlar, and is fighting with the army of Hillsfar over the ruins of Yulash. The army of Zhentil Keep excels in the close cooperation of fighters, mages, and clerics. It also employs Terror Teams of intermediate level clerics, mages, and fighter to sneak behind enemy lines and wreak havoc.

The Cultists of Moander worship a dark, evil god whose power was centered in Yulash. Long ago, the elves of the Elven Court banished Moander to another plane and barred much of his power from the realms. Since then, Moander worship has been reduced to a few fanatic cultists. These cultists were central in creating the first azure bonds and temporarily brought Moander back into the realms. But, Moander was rebanished after a vicious magical combat over Westgate. After Moander's rebanishment, his remaining cultists faithfully began yet another plot to return their master to the realms. Moander's symbol is a black hand with a mouth in its palm.

Elminster the Sage is the most famous resident of Shadowdale. He is a powerful magic-user of indeterminate age. Elminster no longer tutors or works for hire, but he investigates items and issues of great import to the safety of the realms.

The Fire Knives, also known as the Flame Knives, are an organization of thieves and assassins that formerly flourished throughout Cormyr. King Azoun IV of Cormyr drove the Fire Knives from their comfortable niche, and they have been unable to find a new home ever since.

The Fire Knives have sworn to assassinate King Azoun IV and joined the first bonding project as a means to that end. After the fiasco of the first bonding project, the remains of the Fire Knives have moved into the outer edges of the country of Cormyr. They are rumored to be engaged in another plot against the king. The symbol of the Fire Knives is a dagger surrounded by flame.

The Harpers are a secretive group consisting mostly of high level bards and rangers. The overall aims of the Harpers are a mystery, but they are known to support good causes, and to oppose evil groups such as the Zhentrim. The Harpers mostly work behind the scenes, applying as little force as necessary to unravel the plots of evil.

The Knights of Myth Drannor guard the realms from the tremendous powers and unending perils of the ruins of Myth Drannor. They keep the unspeakable monsters inside the city from escaping. They also keep naive adventurers from entering the city and getting hurt.

The Red Plumes of Hillsfar is the generic name for all troops fighting for the city of Hillsfar. The city hires mercenaries of many companies. These companies all fight under the banner of the Red Plumes. Recently, the Red Plumes have expanded greatly. They have just taken control of the ruins of Yulash from the army of Zhentil Keep.

The Red Wizards of Thay are the powerful, paranoid spell-casters who rule the kingdom of Thay. Thay is an evil kingdom, far to the east of the Dalelands. The Red Wizards gain influence in Thay by showing up their fellow wizards, by gaining magical or political power, or by caus-


ing great strife among the enemies of Thay. As far as the Red Wizards are concerned, the enemies of Thay include everyone else in the realms. Each Red Wizard has his own symbol.

The Royal Family of Cormyr rules the Kingdom of Cormyr. The royal family is headed by King Azoun IV, a powerful warrior and a just king. Azoun's advisor, and former tutor, is Vangerdahast a powerful Magic-User. One of Azoun's daughters, the princess Nacacia, disappeared almost one year ago. It is rumored that Nacacia fled the royal family with a priest named Gharri of Gond, a member of the temple of Gond in Tilverton. The King has put out a large reward for the return of the Princess. It is rumored that he is personally searching for Nacacia incognito.

Tyranthraxus is an evil spirit who flourished until recently in and around the ruined city of Phlan. He controlled Phlan with legions of humanoid monsters, and hoped to make it a base for the conquest of the Moonsea reaches. He was reported to draw power from a gateway between the planes called the Pool of Radiance. His main power was the ability to possess powerful creatures and escape even after the creatures body had died. A band of adventurers freed Phlan and defeated Tyranthraxus just in the last year. His spirit was sucked back through the Pool of Radiance and the pool dried up.

The Worshippers of Bane are centered on the Moonsea, but its influence spreads throughout the realms. Bane is the evil god of strife, hatred, and tyranny. The largest temple of Bane is The Black Lord's Altar in Mulmaster. The second largest temple is The Dark Shrine in Zhentil Keep. Bane's symbol is a black left hand on a field of red.


This is a list of some of the monsters found in and around the Dalelands and the western shores of the Moonsea. Most monsters can strike fear into the hearts of men, but some are more powerful than others.

The monster's reputation is reflected in its monster level, listed as a Roman numeral after its name. Level I monsters are less powerful than a well-equipped beginning fighter. A Level X monster may be more powerful than several heroes. The power of the monsters raises substantially between level Vl and level Vll.

Anhkheg (Vl): Large burrowing insects with great mandibles. These creatures have been known to spit a powerful acid.

Beholder (X): These powerful spherical monsters have ten eye stalks, each with a deadly attack. A Beholder's attacks are most deadly at short range. Their powerful central eye can negate spells. Beholders are among the most powerful creatures in the realms.

Black Dragon (Vll): These powerful dragons breathe streams of acid and have powerful claw and bite attacks.

Bugbear (IV): Hideous, giant-sized goblins who stand over seven feet in height. Bugbears look clumsy but are strong, quick fighters with great stealth.

Crocodile (111): Large reptilian animals with powerful jaws.

Centaur (IV): These good creatures are half men and half horse. They are capable fighters and can be valuable allies.

Displacer Beast (Vl): These creatures are large, black puma-like creatures with two tentacles sprouting from their backs. These creatures can appear to be several feet from their actual location.


Dog (11): These faithful servants of man are often trained to be vicious fighters.

Dracolich (X): A reported creation of the 'Cult of the Dragon', a Dracolich is a powerful undead dragon. It has powers from both types of creatures. A dracolich's attacks include a breath weapon and a paralyzing touch.

Efreeti (Vll): These large powerful creatures are from the Elemental Plane of Fire. They are very arrogant and will only serve a powerful master.

Ettin (Vll): These creatures look like giant two-headed orcs. They have great strength and can wield two spiked clubs that inflict terrible damage in combat.

Gas Spore (11): These floating spheres resemble Beholders, but are actually benign. If a Gas Spore is attacked it can explode.

Giant Slug (Vll): These giant creatures can spit a very powerful acid and are resistant to blunt weapon attacks.

Giant Spider (V): These giant creatures have a poisonous bite.

Grimn (Vl): These winged beasts have large claws and a razor-sharp beak.

Hell Hound (Vl): These other-planar creatures resemble wolves, but they can breathe fire and detect invisible enemies.

Hippogriff (111): These magnificent creatures have the forelimbs and head of an eagle and the body and hind legs of a horse.

Lizardman (111): These are lizard-like humanoids. They are omnivorous but they have a particular fancy for human flesh.

Manticore (Vl): These are a winged beast that can fire volleys of spikes from its tail. Each spike hits as hard a crossbow bolt.

Margoyle (V): These stony monsters are immune to normal weapons and can attack many times with their sharp claws and spikes.

Medusa (Vl): These are hideous women with snakes for hair. They can turn a man to stone with their gaze.

Minotaur (Vl): These are strong bullheaded humanoids. They are cruel man eaters, commonly found in mazes.

Monkey (11): These beasts are sometimes trained to execute specialized tasks by thieves.

Neo-Otyugh (Vll): This is a more powerful form of Otyugh. These disgusting scavengers have several vicious attacks and a heavily armored

Ogre (IV): These are large, foul-tempered, ugly humanoids. They are strong fighters.

Otyugh (Vl): These scavengers have long tentacles that they use to scoop trash into their cavernous mouths.

Owl Bear (V): These large creatures have razor-sharp beaks. They can grab and hug targets for great damage.

Phase Spider (Vl): These are giant, poisonous spiders with the ability to phase in and out of this dimension. They are ~phased in" until they attack and are ~phased out~ afterwards.

Rakshasa (Vll): These evil spirits use illusion and false civility to take their prey off


guard. Once combat is joined, Rakshasa are powerful fighter/magic-users and are immune to much magic. They have been slain by a blessed bolt from a cross bow.

Salamander (Vll): These fiery creatures prefer temperatures of 300 degrees or above and use super-heated metal weapons.

Shambling Mound (Vll): These huge creatures resemble animated piles of moss and slime. They attack with their club-like arms and can smother opponents in their slime. Their slimy forms are immune to fire and strengthened by lightning bolts.

Storm Giant (IX): These are the most powerful and respected of the true giants. They are intelligent, physically imposing, and highly magical. They throw powerful bolts of lightning.

Thri-kreen (Vl): These are intelligent, carnivorous insect-men who live in burrows. They have four arms and a poisonous bite that paralyzes their foes. They are adept at dodging missile attacks.

Troll (Vl): These are large, strong, ugly humanoids. They know no fear and can regenerate wounds. They cannot regenerate wounds caused by fire.

Vegepygmie (111- IV): These semi-intelligent animated plants come in various sizes and often use simple weapons.

Worg (IV): These are evil natured, semiintelligent wolves. They often cooperate with other creatures in packs.

Wyvern (Vll): These creatures are distant relatives of dragons. They attack by biting and using the poisonous sting in their tail.

~= ~


One thousand three hundred and fifty seven years ago, humans moving north encountered the Elven Court, a huge outcropping of forest just south of the Moonsea. These humans sought and received permission from the elven rulers to settle the dales around the forest. The Standing Stone was erected to commemorate the occasion.

Out of the agreement, the various human settlements of the Dalelands were born. These settlements included Shadowdale, Mistledale, Daggerdale, and Battledale. The settlements grew around their population centers: Shadowdale, Ashabenford, Dagger Falls, and Essembra.

South and East of the Elven Court lay the human kingdom of Sembia. The Sembians cut at the forest to make planks for their ships. The elves put a stop to this by crushing the Sembians at the battle of Singing Arrows, 473 years ago. The elves and humans then made an agreement that allowed the humans to push a road from Sembia, past the standing stone, to the Moonsea. Where the road met the Moonsea the city of Hillsfar grew.

South and West of the Elven Court lay the human Kingdom of Cormyr. The forces of Cormyr have recently taken over the border town of Tilverton, but any further expansion is hindered by the southern tip of the Desertsmouth Mountains. Shadow Gap and Tilver's Gap lead through the mountains, but the king of Cormyr has not yet risked his armies through the treacherous mountain passes.

Around the Moonsea, Hillsfar and other cities prospered. Zhentil Keep rose to power, fell from grace, and rose again under the power of the Zhentrim. Phlan rose to prominence, was devastated by a


blight, ruined by the dragon flight, and then rescued from permanent enslavement by a band of adventurers.

North of the Elven Court, cities outside the Dalelands arose. Yulash prospered as the center of the worship of Moander, until the elves banished Moander from the realms. Teshwave grew as a river town, until it was occupied by the forces of Zhentil Keep. Voonlar grew on the edge of the Elven Court, and continued to grow even though its attacks toward Shadowdale were repulsed again and again. All around the Elven Court humans bustled about, building towns, clearing the wild, and remaking the land in their own image.

But, the battle of Singing ~.. Arrows and the road from Sembia to Hillsfar started a great debate among the elves. Could elves and humans live side by side, or was human expansion a threat to the lifestyle of the Elven Court? For hundreds of years the elves secretly debated among themselves. Scant years ago they made their decision. The elves began The Retreat.

The Retreat caught the humans around the Elven Court by surprise. Almost overnight, the inhabitants of the court and the magnificent city of Myth Drannor seemed to disappear. Once the elves decided to leave, they left swiftly. Some elves living in the communities outside the Elven Court left, but others stayed in their new homes.

The Retreat left a huge area empty. Evil forces quickly took advantage of the power vacuum. The bright elven forests quickly became dark and foreboding. The

llelm of Dragons

fabled city of Myth Drannor fell into ruins and was overrun by evil creatures. And the road from Sembia to Hillsfar was no longer a safe trek for fat merchants, but a dangerous gauntlet for the adventurous traveler.

After the retreat came the Flight of the Dragons. Hundreds of dragons flew out of the north to devastate cities and towns all around the Dalelands. The dragons were driven off or destroyed, but at tremendous cost. The port in Hillsfar was closed for weeks by the huge body of a fallen dragon. The battle between the witch Sylune and a giant dragon left nothing but a crater of one corner of Shadowdale. But, the flight ended as swiftly as it had come. Once the dragons were gone, the settlements picked up the pieces and went on with their lives.

By now, the inhabitants of the Dalelands have gotten used to the absence of the elves after The Retreat, and the damage from the Flight of the Dragons is old news. They look toward the future where another harvest ripens in the fields, battles between armies rage, and children grow up dreaming of becoming adventurers.



The City of Phlan had risen to prominence, and then fell beneath an overwhelming tide of evil monsters. The ruined city was controlled by a powerful entity, known only as The Boss .

While The Boss looked outward toward even greater conquests, human settlers landed and created a foothold on the edge of Phlan. Adventurers flocked to the city in hopes of claiming a portion of the Phlan's fabled wealth.

The battle to cleanse Phlan was an epic struggle. First, adventurers cleared the city, block by block. Then they found and defeated the concentrations of evil monsters and men in the wilderness around the city. Finally, adventurers assaulted the castle where the evil leader held sway.

When the adventurers finally battled their way into the deepest chamber of the castle, they discovered that the infamous Boss of Phlan was an evil spirit named Tyranthraxus the Flamed One. Tyranthraxus had possessed the body of a great bronze dragon and had transported the mystical Pool of Radiance into his lair. The pool was an extra-dimensional portal which game Tyranthraxus access to information and power from beings on other planes.

Tyranthraxus used his power to augment the dragon's already fearsome combat capabilities. He was also protected by a squad of powerful fighters with magical arms and armor. The adventurers triumphed over Tyranthraxus and his minions only after the most heroic of combats.

When Tyranthraxus was defeated he did not die. His naked spirit rose from the body of the dragon and was drawn back through the Pool of Radiance. The pool drained away and the power of Tyranthraxus was broken. Phlan was free.

Like most heroes, however, the adventurers who freed Phlan did not stay around. It is known that they took a boat from Phlan to the City of Hillsfar across the Moonsea. From there it is rumored that they traveled south and west in search of further adventure.


-- Page 9 --


These entries include items which adventurers might copy or file in their journal as they travel. During the game these entries are referred to by number. When the game refers to a Journal Entry, read the specific entry and place a checkmark in the box to keep track of which entries have come up in the game. Do no read ahead to other Journal Entries; some tales are false, and may lead your adventurers astray.

JOURNAL ENTRY 2 The assembled dragons glare down upon the party, three ancient dragons of each color: red, green, blue, black and white. In a booming voice you hear one say, Mortals, you have chosen a very bad time to confront us. Flee for your miserable lives now, and we shall consider letting you live. As you consider their magnanimous offer, you hear a great beating of wings. Several dragons quickly push you to the rear, trying to hide you from view. The rest bow their heads in supplication. The gigantic queen of evil dragons lands amidst the assembled throng. Her five heads scan the gathering -- Tiamat has arrived.

JOURNAL ENTRY 3 I m afraid that I know all too well what those bonds signify. I was bonded once as well. The story began when a Master Harper wanted to make sure that his work would be preserved in pristine form. He was revolted at the thought of his songs and stories being corrupted and changed over time, as all performing arts eventually are. He attempted an experiment to create a kind of flesh golem, a simulacrum of a human being, that would be an immortal vessel for all of his work. In this way he hoped to cheat the effect of time. Unfortunately, the Master Bard made a mistake during the creation of the vessel and one of his assistants was killed. When the Conclave of Harpers found out about the experiment, and the reasons behind it, they were appalled. The Conclave stripped the Master Bard of his powers, his magical objects, and his name. They wiped his songs and stories from the collective memories of the entire Realm. It was as if he had never existed. Then, they trapped him in a pocket dimension, and left him there. The Conclave thought the now nameless bard was effectively banished. However, a powerful group of magicians and monsters re-created some of the nameless bard's experiment. They tracked the nameless one to his dimensional prison and offered to help him build his vessel. In exchange, the group would have a hand in defining the vessel s instructions . The nameless bard's obsession with his work blinded him to the evil intent of the group. He agreed to build another vessel. I was the result of their efforts. In order to bring me to true life, they needed to sacrifice a being of truth and goodness. The deamon Phalse kidnapped my companion, Dragonbait, from another dimension. Dragonbait is a Saurian; he is the other-worldly equivalent of a Paladin.

-- Page 10 --

However, with the aid of the nameless bard, Dragonbait was able to thwart the evil ones by gifting me with a portion of his spirit. The nameless one sacrificed himself and engineered Dragonbait's and my escape from the evil ones. After our escape I woke up in a strange place, with manufactured memories and symbols such as yours on my arm. Don't worry. My bonds are gone, and I am now fully my own person. In order to remove my symbols, I had to overcome the compulsion of the bonds. Each bond is like a magical geas put on you by the person or group represented by the symbol. Your only hope is to destroy the person or group that was involved in creating your bonds. I see the mouth in hand symbol of Moander on your arm. Perhaps we can cooperate. I am here because of the rumors that Moander is threatening to return again. The cultists of Moander were some of the evil ones involved in my bonding. Since you are here and carry his bond, I assume that he has managed to gather enough power to attempt his return. I know that the new altar of Moander is somewhere in this ruined temple. This is his original holy place on our Plane. Let Dragonbait and I help you. We have battled this evil before.


-- Page 11 --

JOURNAL ENTRY 5 We Rakshasa are very fond of gambling. I have been having a streak of bad luck and gone through most of my possessions. Recently, I discovered that Birsheya had been cheating in those games. However, the Clan Lord will not act without proof. Birsheya guards the clan storehouse and I know that there is evidence hidden there. If you help me break in, you may select whatever you want the storehouse. I just want the proof of Birsheya's cheating.

JOURNAL ENTRY 6 The statue in my wheelbarrow was my son. We were west of Teshwave when we spotted Beholder. We ran and hid, but my son was not quick enough. I have been begging for money to heal him since then. Could you help?

JOURNAL ENTRY 7 I am Fzoul Chembryl, high lord of the Dark Shrine. My precious mages , as you call them, have allowed me to follow your minion. Dexam, you overstep your authority. My mark is on these people, and the Imperceptor will know of my work in due time. It is I who work for the greater glory of Bane. The powers granted us by Bane, combined with the power of the secular magic-users, will bring about a Banite Hegemony in the Realms, and these bonded tools are central to the consolidation of our power. With them I hope to be able to control and avoid the traps set in magical items by the lawful and the good. The bonded ones are under my control and authority and will remain so for as long as I live.



JOURNAL ENTRY 10 I have been laughed at and abused since I first came to Phlan, but now my true genius shall be seen. In the caverns beneath us are the nucleus of my fanatical army. In the river are my dragon navy and soon the gargoyles shall arrive to control the air. I shall let you live long enough to see my victory over the Flamed One. Then you shall be sacrificed to my greater glory. He laughs maniacally as you are led away. -- Page 12 --

JOURNAL ENTRY 11 Your arrival is well timed. We expect the king to fall into our backup trap. It is unfortunate that you attacked the wrong target. But let me introduce the man you tried to kill. He gestures over to two prisoners, tied up against the wall. One is a thin bearded man and the other is a young woman with a tattered purple sash. The man you tried to kill is Giogi Wyvernspur, an excellent mimic. Turning to Giogi, Perhaps you could give us another rendition of the king's voice. Giogi looks at you and blanches. Also, let me introduce the woman who made the king's arrival possible -- Princess Nacacia. At this point, the princess slips her bond, sweeps up a handy club and brains the leader. Quick, she yells dispose of his guards before the leader can evoke your bonds!

JOURNAL ENTRY 12 Dimswart says, My name is Dimswart the Sage. I am happy to meet you, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I knew some other people who had bonds similar to yours and have spent some time studying them. I see that some of the symbols are missing, however, I would suppose that originally there were five. Essentially, the symbols are power signs of five powerful factions that have banded together. Needless to say, they are all extremely evil. Their common purpose is to enhance their collective power. However, if this bonding follows the previous pattern -- and with Moander and the Fire Knives involved I have little doubt that it will -- each of the evil powers has its own use for you, to the detriment of the others. That is your greatest advantage. I have personal knowledge of one of your bonds. The hand with a mouth is the symbol of Moander. His aspect was destroyed the last time he tried to enter this plane. It's probable that Mogion, his surviving High Priestess, has placed the symbol on you as a part of her attempt to bring him back. I know little more than the identity and some rumors about the other symbols. The Z encased in a circle on a triangular field is the symbol of the Zhentrim, our hosts, I m afraid. It is said that they have a great hoard of lawful good weapons and magical items hidden somewhere. I was attempting to find out where it is when I was captured. I have determined that the hoard is not at Zhentil Keep. It is rumored that Fzoul Chembryl, the leader of the Zhentrim, is attempting to bring persons of good alignment under his power so that he can use these devices. The half moon with three bars is the sign of Dracandros. He is a mighty Red Wizard of Thay, but he has been banished for having an overweening ambition untempered with any sense of tact or timing. It is said he has an obsession with dragons, hence his name. His symbol also resembles that of -- Page 13 --

Elminster of Shadowdale. Dracandros obviously hopes that he can be as powerful as Elminster some day. Finally, the claws of flame are the symbol of Tyranthraxus, the flamed one. I thought that it would take him much longer to recover after the recent events in Phlan. His is the greatest threat, as his ambition is the domination of the entire Prime Material Plane, and he controls the Pool of Radiance, which must still exist if he is back. To finish off Tyranthraxus, you will need three magical artifacts. I know that they have been distributed amongst three of the powers that have bonded you. One of the artifacts, the Amulet of Lythander, is somewhere here in Zhentil Keep. Dracandros has the Helm of Dragons near Haptooth, and Mogion controls the Gauntlet of Moander at Yulash. None of these items are of any use except when they are in the vicinity of the Pool of Radiance. Unfortunately, I don't know how their magic works. I m afraid I won't be of much use to you in terms of fighting power. However, I have been adventuring before and know how to stay out of the way.

JOURNAL ENTRY 13 It has been deemed necessary to call upon the Mulmaster Beholder Corps to counter the dragons now infesting the River Tesh. Because of the corps destructive impulses, all Zhentrim operative between Teshwave and Dagger Falls are ordered to withdraw from the area. No benefits will be paid to the widows and orphans of those who ignore this order.

JOURNAL ENTRY 14 The man with no name begins to glow and change. His features become evil and calculating. Nameless opposed me as you do, the man-form says. Now his shell protects my fiery essence. The time has come, bow to your new master -- bow down Tyranthraxus! As he laughs, the bonds on your arms glow brightly. You feel your knees bend as you bow down before him.

JOURNAL ENTRY 15 There, Great Ones, you can see that they are part of Elminster's plot to destroy all dragonkind in retaliation for the Dragonflight. You may have these assassins as a sign of my good faith in warning you. You can see on their arms the sign of Tyranthraxus, the enslaver of dragons. This sign marks them as the servants of the enslaver, as well as pawns of Elminster! One dragon, however, says, You have not convinced me. I see the glowing bonds on these mortals. I have heard that similar bonds were used to control a warrior that attacked Mistinarperadnacles Hai Draco. I think you control these mortals with their glowing bonds. Free them and then we may judge their actions. Dracandros says, But if I free them, they will attack you! The Dragon says, The few of them...against the many of us! We are not afraid. Or is it you who are afraid of them? --14--

You should not be. For if you lie, you should be afraid of me! With that, a drop of smoking acid escapes from the dragon's mouth past his evil, toothy grin! Dracandros recoils from the dragon and turns to the party. He speaks a meaningless phrase and his symbol slowly disappears. The party is free of another bond.

JOURNAL ENTRY 16 The creatures of the deeper caverns have begun to awake. In deference to me, they have made a present of a great artifact. It is one of the three needed to slay the Flamed One permanently. He betrayed me back in Phlan, but now I shall gain revenge. As soon as we have disposed of the Zhentrim we can turn our attention to Myth Drannor and my enemy.


JOURNAL ENTRY 18 That bond you wear -- the one with the cresent moon -- bears a very close similarity to Elminster's symbol. Now, Elminster is not the type of man to take kindly to someone claiming that they d been bonded by him. So if I were you, I'd slip out of Shadowdale and sail down to Ashabenford. Then I'd work my way south until I found a certain red wizard's tower. After that I'd get him to remove the bond. Or you could hang around here and get turned into a newt by Elminster.

JOURNAL ENTRY 19 As the cleric casts the spell, the bonds begin to glow brightly. Arcs of blue flame shoot out from them and strike about the room. The characters begin to writhe in extreme pain. The cleric ceases the spell, "These bonds fight my powers, removing them is beyond me. I wish you better luck. Go with Gond."



JOURNAL ENTRY 21 Alaterian, Hey, you may be my brother, but if I don't get that 300 gold pieces you owe me, I m gonna come after you with a bastard sword. I don't care if you are a member of the Black Network. They can't watch you all the time. I've still got a few tricks of my own that I can use on a slime-ridden otyugh like you. Otherwise, Mom and Dad are fine. Sis is getting too big for her britches. I may head down to the village of Hap to look into rumors of a gathering of Black Dragons. When are you coming back to Essembra? Your wife Lilian wants to know. By the way, I ll take her instead of the money.

Your loving brother, Myrixelets

JOURNAL ENTRY 22 I don't know why you re crazy enough to want to go down the Pit of Moander, but I can give you free passage through the city. I can guarantee that Red Plumes not molest you, but this is still a city under siege and I can't be nurse-maiding you around. It has been reported that Zhentil Keep has sent some terror teams to annoy us. Some shambling mounds have also been spotted somewhere to the east. Here's a map to the Pit and the locations of our checkpoints (see Journal Entry 52). You are welcome to rest in the barracks and eat in the trooper mess. I ve indicated them on the map as well. Oh, be careful; the walls and pavement in Yulash have endured some great strains recently; I can't vouch for their stability in most areas of the city.

JOURNAL ENTRY 23 OK, here's the scoop. Ya got yer condemned prisoners, them's as admitted they was guilty. They has to fight the monsters without no weapons -- we give ya three to one if ya choose the prisoners, straight even if ya choose the monsters. On the other hand, ya got yer accused criminals, them's as said they was not guilt; they gets ta keep their weapons as they're fighting to see if Bane will judge them as worthy. We give ya two to one on either side. Just set yerself and pays yer money. Only need one platinum piece to play.

JOURNAL ENTRY 24 The letter reads, Hail Harper's Friend, we must warn you that Dracandros of Thay seeks to use you against dragonkind. To protect yourself you should seek a deadly blade that he has secreted in the caves below his tower. Still, avoid the dragons if possible; they are quite deadly. The letter is unsigned.

JOURNAL ENTRY 25 We spirits of Myth Drannor have grown weak over the centuries. We can now do little but observe. We ask for your help. In return let me reveal to you a secret power of the Thri-kreen. Within this building is a


glowing red web. If you speak the world Krrkik while standing before it, then walk into it, you will gain great strength. I have seen many of the Thri-kreen do this.

JOURNAL ENTRY 26 The men had been paralyzed by a spell cast by an invading cleric. He was after the prisoners held in the leader's room to the south. Luckily he had finally been overcome in this room.

JOURNAL ENTRY 27 The wounded men moan in terror about a hammer wielding maniac and a room suddenly filled with flashing blades. They hope the leaders two prisoners are worth their trouble.

JOURNAL ENTRY 28 Zhentim troops that have tried to reach Dagger Falls via the River Tesh have been consumed by a dragon lying beneath the waves. It was awakened by someone from Phlan who was betrayed by Zhentil Keep. He must still be somewhere near Dagger Falls, since the attacks have been recent.

JOURNAL ENTRY 29 The unburned part reads, ...our ally can control flame, skim from body to body and exhibits an array of extra-dimensional powers. It is my conclusion that the Flamed One can be none other than Tyran...

JOURNAL ENTRY 30 So, these are Fzoul's little secret. Very interesting. As the representative of the TRUE priests of Bane, I shall deliver you to Mulmaster and to the grand Imperceptor. Once in Mulmaster, I will examine these bonds in my laboratory, t your extreme discomfort, I'm afraid. But, you may be comforted that during the final procedure, the one that will result in your death, the pain will not go on for more than two, or perhaps three, weeks. Once I have uncovered the secret of these bonds, the Impercentor will be most angry with his dear little Fzoul, and we may finally rid ourselves of this heretic and his precious mages.

JOURNAL ENTRY 31 You were brought in by a group in red robes. They said they d found you on the road, near death. They paid for your rooms in advance, so you can stay as long as you'd like. You had those tattoos when you came in, but I've never seen anything like them. Filani the sage could help you though. You should go see her, two blocks north.

JOURNAL 32 You are rudely questioned by two of the guards and their commander. For every yes answer you give one of the guards sneers knowingly and marks it down. For every no answer the other guard snorts and marks it in a different ledger. The commander writes down all of your party's vital statistics


including where you came from and your names. Anytime you ask them about their questioning they all turn, sneer, and the commander says, We are preparing a file on you; this is strictly routine.

JOURNAL ENTRY 33 I am Caemir and my ancestors lived and died here in Myth Drannor. I have been plagued recently by evil dreams of my grandfather's tomb being turned into a nest for foul spider things. If you will help me lay his spirit to rest, I will give you this bow which he made. He shows you an exquisitely-crafted bow that radiates powerful magic.

JOURNAL ENTRY 34 Yeah, well, watch yourself because there's lots of holes ya can't see and walls that are about to come down and brain you. The Red Plume's are crawling all over the place -- and they have orders to kill any looters they find. You want to know where the Pit is? You re crazy. It's in the north wall of the northeastern quadrant of the city. That place is enough to make you loony though. Some Red Plumes have jumped ship rather than go on guarding the place. Oh, yeah. The Plumies have set up some checkpoints all over the city. There's one just in front of the Pit and one at the commander's HQ.Can we go now?

JOURNAL ENTRY 35 The letter reads, Friend, we have come upon more news for you. To slay the accursed Flamed One who holds the most powerful of your bonds, you will need three items, the Helm of Dragons, the Gauntlet of Moander and the Amulet of Lathander. Each is held by one of those controlling your bonds. Without these he will be able to ignore your most powerful attacks. The letter is unsigned.

JOURNAL ENTRY 36 We ve been here for almost a month whipping these bugbears and wargs into shape. Now you've got the easy party. We can't lead these monsters against Dagger Falls; otherwise they would realize that the Zhentrim were behind this. So you take the beasties to Dagger Falls and attack the city. We'll have a rescue force of Zhentil Keep troops arrive soon after and repulse your attack. Then we'll occupy the city as heroes and you'll be paid most handsomely. Well, we re off the Teshwave. Good look.

JOURNAL ENTRY 37 This passage was used during funerals by those in the temple. They would transport the deceased remains from the temple to the burial glen through the passage. The passage comes up in a back room of the temple. If you try to approach the Temple on the path to the north, or through the ruins to the east, Tyranthraxus minions will spot you and he will be waiting. He does not yet know about this tunnel.


JOURNAL ENTRY 38 You bear the symbol of five different organizations. Three I recognize, one I've never seen, and the last causes me some concern. The flame and dagger is the symbol of the Fire Knives, a group of assassins who last operated out of Westgate. That group has been destroyed, so they must have a new base of operation. I fear I do not know where. The mouth in the palm is the symbol of the god Moander. This god was banished from the world, but he reappeared briefly as a pile of filth. It laid waste to a section of the city of Yulash before its defeat. The cult's color of choice is green. The ornate Z in the triangle is the symbol of the Zhentrim, the Black Network. These are an evil alliance of priests, mages and thieves operating out of Zhentil Keep. Some say that they run Zhentil Keep. The Flaming symbol I've never seen, so I can give you no information. The last symbol, with the crescent moon, bears a disturbing similarity to a powerful sage in Shadowdale. For my own safety, I'll say no more about it.


JOURNAL ENTRY 40 Because of the incursions along the River Tesh by Zhentrim forces, all allies are ordered to gather in the caverns beneath the falls. The dragons should be able to hold back the beholders, but I expect Zhentrim troops to follow up the attack. As pay I pledge the standard portion when we loot Teshwave, Voonlar and Zhentil Keep. The plan is nearly complete; come at once. Signed, Lord Porphyrys Cadorna

JOURNAL ENTRY 41 The paper is heavily soiled, but you can make out, ...Knives untrustworthy, cultists unreliable, wizard insane and T seems very dangerous. Expect little reliability from the New Alliance, especially over the bonded subject. Will need to set up our own observation team. Per...


JOURNAL 42 The letter reads, Friend of the Harpers, we are working to provide you with allies. We have arranged for a rather unusual harp player to meet you in Zhentil Keep. In the village of Hap, the mage of Akabar Bel Akash works to counter Dracandros. Finally, two excellent warriors have been sent to the Pit to aid you. The letter is unsigned.

JOURNAL ENTRY 43 An important man from Phlan escaped proper justice. A traitorous Council member, named Cadorna, was raised from the dead and has flown to Dagger Falls.

JOURNAL ENTRY 44 I am the current leader of the Swanmays, since Kith and Belinda disappeared on the Great Glacier. We need someone to infiltrate the Red Wizard's Tower, and we heard the Dracandros was looking for a party bearing those symbols on your arms. Dracandros has gathered all the Black Dragons in the area to his tower. We need to get a special piece of one of them. If you accept our mark you will be eligible for a share of our reward. I have influence with several families that are guarding these caves, so I can get you to the tower. Once there, we would be most happy if you could get us a part of a dragon's heart, or at least get them to leave the tower.

JOURNAL ENTRY 45 The centaurs recently had a brush with spiders and Thri-kreen. These monsters were heading north, apparently on a treasure hunting expedition. They were probably headed for Myth Drannor. The Thri-kreen can avoid arrows and their phase spiders are unhittable after they strike.

JOURNAL ENTRY 46 Most Respected Mogion of Moander, The Red Wizard Dracandros has provided a magical sending to me, altering me that you are planning to exterminate the subjects of our little test. While I realize that you are among the survivors of not only a banished god but an earlier alliance, I must protest strongly your intention to eradicate our subjects before they are fully tested. If you carry out this mad plot and slay our pigeons, then Dracandros, myself and Lord T will all be forced to hunt you down and slay both you and anything you choose to bring onto this plane. Do not doubt that we can do so. Remember that I represent a more active power that is still at work in this part of the Realms, and will take poorly to your hostile actions. Once the subjects have been fully tested, then we may slay them. One more thing: I performed the requested research for you, and you are wrong. It is only gauntlets, not the appearance of Moander himself, which can devour the Pool of Radiance. This further weakens your argument to bring "old moldy" back onto this plane.


Yours in darkness, Lord Fzoul Chembryl of Bane, Zhentil Keep

JOURNAL ENTRY 47 Near the city of Dagger Falls is the waterfall it was named after. Behind it are deep caverns, abandoned until recently. New activity suggests that a man raised from the dead has taken them over. Dark things are beginning to awake in response.

JOURNAL ENTRY 48 You have done well, my pets. The three artifacts that can do me harm are now in my possession. More importantly, the bonds you wear can act as the Pool of Radiance does. With them I can transfer into any of your bodies and use it for as long as I need to. Then, should the body be killed, I can transfer through the bond and back to the Pool-or to another of your bodies. I must thank you for the great freedom you have afforded me. Now come along and we will dispose of those dangerous objects.

JOURNAL ENTRY 49 A Dark Journey: The four dark elves take you down a long sloping corridor. After many hours, you have descended many miles and begin to pass massive black mushroom forests and a few bizarrely shaped buildings. Finally, you reach a glowing cavern, with a large temple in the center. The dark elves march you up into the heart of the temple. In an onyx walled room is a perfect, silvery web. In the center of the web is a giant black spider. The spider speaks in a raspy, hollow voice. Greetings. I represent the god of the dark elves. You are my prisoners. Your choice is simple, you may be my slaves, or be my lunch. As you consider retreat, huge stone blocks seal the entrance. A tittering laugh echoes through the room.

JOURNAL ENTRY 50 Olive says, Well now, aren't we a fine bunch of adventurers. My name is Olive Ruskettle and I know a bit about those tattoos on your arms. A pal of mine had some similar marks a while back. I wonder where she is... Listen, you've got to get hold of the Amulet of Lathander. There is a man who could help you but he's been captured and is being held prisoner inside the temple. His name is Dimswart the Sage and he helped that friend of mine I told you about. I have a secret way into the temple. What do you say?

JOURNAL ENTRY 51 The human you are looking for named Dimswart. He's a very good sage, and a music lover, which is why we get along-did you know that I was a Bard? Yes sir, I've got my harp right here and I could sing for you-well, maybe now is not the time. Anyway, Fzoul Chembryl has cap-




JOURNAL ENTRY 53 Suddenly the roof vaporizes and King Azoun, his wizard Vangerdahast and a troop of royal guards descend into the room. One of the guards points at your party and says, Those are the ones who tried to kill you, your highness. The princess leaps up and stands between you and her father. They were under the Fire Knives control, they couldn't help themselves. Besides that, they saved me. The king looks at you and at the princess, Well, the fact remains that you attempted to kill me. Also it looks as though you wear more controlling bonds. I will not slay you, but you are banished from all Cormyr lands. The royal guards come up and begin escorting you out. Suddenly the far door opens and Gharri of Gond steps unsteadily into the room. As you leave the room, you see the princess run over to him and they embrace. Heading out of the hideout you hear the king saying, Nacacia, time for you to accept the duties of a princess. The voices fade. You are taken to the outskirts of town and the guards leave. As you decide on your next move, a horse pounds out of the gate, bearing Gharri and Nacacia. She waves as they race north.

JOURNAL ENTRY 54 The princess has been talking with the slightly recovered leader. With a dagger to his throat he croaks, All right, I'll release them. He mouths a meaningless syllable and your bonds fade.

JOURNAL ENTRY 55 Your aid of one of our fellows in Tilverton was much appreciated. In return we must warn you that Fire Knives are watching the forest roads for you. Also the Flamed One, in the ruins of Myth Drannor seems to be taking an interest in you. Finally, something malignant seems to be watching the Standing Stones. Beware and Good Luck.

JOURNAL ENTRY 56 The man says, Ask me not my name, for names are but labels men apply to that which they do not understand. I know of your bonds, and of your struggle to free yourselves, for I helped create the first bonds what seems now so long ago. Your last bond, that of Tyranthraxus the Flamed One, is the most dangerous. Whither you know it or not, you are closer to eternal slavery now than ever, for Tyranthraxus need no longer share his power over you with others, he can turn his full fury to making sure that you do not ever escape. Your only hope is to catch the flamed one by surprise and deal with him before he can evoke the power of your bonds.

JOURNAL ENTRY 57 It is good to speak with those with confidence enough to deal. My clan has taken this spot as a place to rest for a few mortal lifetimes. But, the Flamed One, Tyranthraxus, has stolen our followers and threatened my clan. His power is such that we cannot attack his temple directly, though we hate him with great passion. Now to our deal. You wear the Flamed Ones mark, but I have been told you are his enemy. When you attack his temple we will bend our power to reclaim our followers. That may weaken him enough for you to be victorious.


JOURNAL ENTRY 58 The letter is written in a crabbed script, I have deemed the Displacer Beasts to be too weak for my needs. You are instructed to continue their training in the mountains near Tilverton. It would take too many of them to lay waste to the Dalelands, but I don't want them destroyed when the dragons begin their flight. You will be contacted periodically with new instructions. The letter is signed with a symbol that matches the crescent moon bond on your arm.



TAVERN TALES These entries include items which adventurers might overhear while traveling and meeting other people. During the game these entries are referred to by number. When the game refers to a Tavern Tale read the specific entry and place a checkmark in the box to keep track of which entries have come up in the game. Do not read ahead to other Tavern Tales; some tales are false, and others are important clues that are based on when and where you read them.

Tavern Tale 1 Both the Princess and King are in town in disguise.

Tavern Tale 2 A flame wreathed giant walks the Elven Court. He only fears three ancient artifacts. One may lie below a waterfall to the north.

Tavern Tale 3 Many soldiers think the Pit is spooky. Some have gone AWOL rather than be put on guard duty there.

Tavern Tale 4 The city's sewer is among the more dangerous in the Dalelands.

Tavern Tale 5 Groups of red robed assassins have been patrolling the forest trails.

Tavern Tale 6 A merchant adventurer named Akabar headed south to investigate Hap. A female adventuring group also headed in that direction.

Tavern Tale 7 With Teshwave in Zhentrim hands the river has become dangerous to travel.

Tavern Tale 8 The Princess always has some piece of purple clothing on, that's how to spot her.

Tavern Tale 9 Someone has passed through recently with something he was sure would destroy the plants. He was waving a wand about.

Tavern Tale 10 There's a trap door in the altar which soldiers use to deposit all magic items from their raids.

Tavern Tale 11 A mercenary group from the south was slain by river pirates recently.

Tavern Tale 12 With all the war going on, the rivers are getting dangerous to travel. Dragons and beholders have been seen along the Tesh.

Tavern Tale 13 I hear there are Zhentil Keep terror teams in the area.


Tavern Tale 14 Elminster of Shadowdale passed through in disguise, heading for Teshwave. He may be checking on the river dragons.

Tavern Tale 15 Shamblers will'smother you if they can grab you. Have to hack them to pieces quickly.

Tavern Tale 16 Bane likes beholders. Anyone else who gets close to them will die. Best to keep your distance. If you see more than three, then they re probably scouts for the Mulmaster Beholder Corps-flee for your lives!

Tavern Tale 17 Plants have a tendency to walk around here. Nastiest are the Shambling Mounds.

Tavern Tale 18 Buccaneers are raiding the Moonsea again. Ship travel is getting dicey.

Tavern Tale 19 The city was devastated by troops from Zhentil Keep and now all the roads are heavily patrolled.

Tavern Tale 20 Watch out for falling buildings and sink holes in the rest of the city.

Tavern Tale 21 Creatures have been raiding the Dale from the north and west.

Tavern Tale 22 The Zhentrim mages respect only those who are as smart as they are.

Tavern Tale 23 Zhentil Keep covets the Daggerdale because its the best land in the Realms.

Tavern Tale 24 Dragons have been seen flying overhead. They also infest waterfalls along the river Tesh.

Tavern Tale 25 The city clerk's been depressed ever since Tyranthraxus was defeated. She hasn't had any commissions to hand out.

Tavern Tale Dragons have been heading south for weeks. Hopefully far to the south.

Tavern Tale 27 Moander once crawled to the south of here, made a swath called Moander's Road.

-- Page 26 --

Tavern Tale 28 Two ships have been lost travelling to Shadowdale. the river's gotten very dangerous.

Tavern Tale 29 A thief in a purple vest has been raiding the rich houses. She's escaped with the help of a hammer-wielding cleric.

Tavern Tale 30 The Knights of Myth Drannor fear some creatures that can lure people willingly to their deaths.

Tavern Tale 31 Halflings are all thieves.

Tavern Tale 32 Dark Elves have been passing through town. Their equipment always radiates magic.

Tavern Tale 33 Zhentil Keep is hiring mercenaries -- or rather several factions are each hiring their own forces. They've also had trouble from an ex-councilman from Phlan.

Tavern Tale 34 Crazy people, with green robes, have been wandering the countryside, especially to the south.

Tavern Tale 35 Zhentrim forces are gathering in Teshwave, perhaps they will march on Shadowdale or Dagger Falls.

Tavern Tale 36 A friendly village of centaurs is hidden in the forests to the south.

Tavern Tale 37 King Azoun of Cormyr is hunting for his wayward daughter in Tilverton

Tavern Tale 38 I heard that Dimswart the mage has joined the Zhentrim. Who'd of imagined it.

Tavern Tale 39 Fzoul is sending specially trained terror teams to harass Yulash. I hear that he's looking for mercinaries for special training.

Tavern Tale 40 Its been lucky that Zhentil Keep is looking westward for expansion. At least they're a check against Hillsfar.

Tavern Tale 41 Something huge and skeletal has found a lair to the south.

Tavern Tale 42 If you don't want to get into trouble with the Zhentil Keep soldiers, you have to act real humble.

-- Page 27 --

Tavern Tale 43 Some walls and floors are dangerously shaky after Moander's rise from The Pit.

Tavern Tale 44 Red wizards like creatures of fire. Cold attacks are often the best defense.

Tavern Tale 45 Cultists of Moander are starting to roam the area again.

Tavern Tale 46 The Elven Court is guarded by a force of knights. they're trying to keep something in, not keep people out.

Tavern Tale 47 A party of insects was seen heading into the forest, heading for Myth Drannor.

Tavern Tale 48 The Temple of Bane employs beholders to discipline their priests. They also have an entire corps of the critters to destroy major enemies.

Tavern Tale 49 Voonlai's been building up troops again. Glad they have rotten commanders.

Tavern Tale 50 That crazy halfling running around here thinks she's a bard. She sings OK but she ain't as good as Zazania Swallowtounge.

Tavern Tale 51 A black ship with a large crate came back from Mulmaster -- Bane's highest temple. The Inquisitors are probably in town.

Tavern Tale 52 The release of Moander from the Pit was a plot by Zhentil Keep.

Tavern Tale 53 If you're polite and respectful to a Bane priest, they have to be respectful back, not matter what they really think.

Tavern Tale 54 Dragons have been seen flying near Hillsfar. Something happening in the south. Also creatures have been accumulating near Dagger Falls -- some ancient caverns have been reopened.

Tavern Tale 55 The Cormyr representative was preparing to leave after hearing the king found his daughter, but he was called back because she escaped again.

-- Page 28 --

Tavern Tale 56 Green robed cultists have been seen around the Pit. They must be pining for Old Moldy.

Tavern Tale 57 The city guard is pulling out away from the Temple. They don't want to get caught in a crossfire.

Tavern Tale 58 Voonlar hopes to build an arena for criminals, like Zhentil Keep has.

Tavern Tale 59 A young woman with a purple sash stole the crown jewels from the ruins of the Yulash palace. Rode though the gate and escaped with a man.

Tavern Tale 60 Huge shapes have flown over the forest, heading south.

Tavern Tale 61 The Stojanow River valley is being converted to farms again. They pyramid is now used as part of the irrigation system.

Tavern Tale 62 The previous high priest of Gond, Gharri, was Princess Nacacia's lover for while.


-- Page 29 --



ABILITY DWARF ELF GNOME HALF-ELF HALFING HUMAN ____________________________________________________________________________ Strength (Male) 8-18(99) 3-18(75) 6-18(50) 3-18(90) 6-17 3-18(00) Strength (Female) 8-17 3-16 6-15 3-17 6-14 3-18(50) Intelligence 3-18 8-18 7-18 4-18 6-18 3-18 Wisdom 3-18 3-18 3-18 3-18 3-17 3-18 Dexterity 3-17 7-19 3-18 6-18 8-18 3-18 Constitution 12-19 6-18 8-18 6-18 10-19 3-18 Charisma 3-16 8-18 3-18 3-18 3-18 3-18 Minimum Ability Score-Maximum Ability Score (xx)=maximum percentage for an 18 strength


CLASS ABILILTY DWARF ELF GNOME HALF-ELF HALFING HUMAN _________________________________________________________________________ Cleric Any no no no 5 no 10* Fighter STR 16- 7 5 5 6 4 12*

           STR 17        8       6     5       7         5       12*
           STR 18+       9       7     6       8         no      12*

Paldin Any no no no no no 11* Ranger STR 16- no no no 6 no 11*

           STR 17        no      no    no      7         no      11*
           STR 18+       no      no    no      8         no      11*

Magic-User INT 16- no 9 no 6 no 11*

           INT 17        no      10    no      7         no      11*
           INT 18        no      11    no      8         no      11*

Thief Any 12* 12* 12* 12* 12* 12*

no:Characters of this race cannot be of this class.

  • Highest Level Available in CURSE OF THE AZURE BONDS. Normal AD&D

Characters have unlimited level advancement in these classes.


CLASS MAX ARMOR SHIELD WEAPONS ______________________________________________________________________________ Cleric any any club,flail, hammer, mace, staff, staff ring Fighter any any any Paladin any any any Ranger any any any Magic-User none none dagger, dart, staff Thief leather none club, dagger, dart, sling, short bow,

                                  one-handed swords.

SPELL PARAMETERS LIST This is a listing of spells available to player characters as they gain in level. The following are abbreviations used in the list:

Cmbt=Combat only spell r=combat rounds Camp=Camp only spel t=turns Both=Camp or Combat spell /lvl=per level of caster T=Touch Range targets=aim at each target dia=diameter R=Red Mage Spell rad=radius W=White Mage Spell All=All characters in combat


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ______________________________________________________________ Bless Both 6 5dia 6r Curse Cmbt 6 5dia 6r Cure Light Wounds Both T 1 - Cause Light Wounds Cmbt T 1 - Detect Magic Both 3 1 1t Protection from Evil Both T 1 3r/lvl Protection from Good Both T 1 3r/lvl Resist Cold Both T 1 1t/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ______________________________________________________________ Find Trap Camp 3 1 3t Hold Person Cmbt 6 1-3 targets 4r+lvl Resist Fire Both T 1 1t/lvl Silence 15'Radius Cmbt 12 3dia 2r/lvl Slow Poison Camp T 1 1 hour/lvl Snake Charm Cmbt 3 All 5-8r Spiritual Hammer Cmbt 3 1 1r/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION _______________________________________________________________ Cure Blindness Both T 1 - Cause Blindness Cmbt T 1 - Cure Disease Camp T 1 - Cause Disease Cmbt T 1 - Dispel Magic Cmbt 6 3x3 - Prayer Both 0 3dia 1r/lvl Remove Curse Both T 1 Bestow Curse Cmbt T 1 1t/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ___________________________________________________________ Cure Serious Wounds Both T 1 - Cause Serious Wounds Cmbt T 1 - Neutralize Poison Camp T 1 - Poison Cmbt T 1 - Protection from

Evil 10' Radius        Both     T       2dia     1t/lvl

Sticks to Snakes Cmbt 3 1 1r/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ___________________________________________________________ Cure Critical Wounds Both T 1 - Cause Critical Wounds Cmbt T 1 - Dispel Evil Both T 1 1r/lvl Flame Strike Cmbt 6 1 - Raise Dead Camp 3 1 - Slay Living Cmbt 3 1 -


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ___________________________________________________________ Detect Magic Both 0 1 12r Entangle Cmbt 8 4 dia 1t Faerie Fire Cmbt 8 8 dia 4r/lvl Invisibility to Animals Both T 1 1t+1r/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ___________________________________________________________________ Burning Hands Cmbt T 1 - Charm Person Cmbt 12 1 - Detect Magic Both 0 1 2r/lvl Enlarge Both .5/lvl 1 1t/lvl Reduce Both .5/lvl 1 - Friends Camp 0 All 1r/lvl Magic Missile Cmbt 6+lvl 1 - Protection from Evil Both T 1 2r/lvl Protection from Good Both T 1 2r/lvl Read Magic Camp 0 1 2r/lvl Shield Both 0 1 5r/lvl Shcoking Grasp Cmpt T 1 - Sleep Cmpt 3+lvl 1-16 5r/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ____________________________________________________________________ Detect Invisibilty Both lvl All 5r/lvl Invisibility Both T 1 - Knock Camp 6 lvl - Mirror Image Both 0 1 2r/lvl Ray of Enfeeblement Cmbt 1+.25/lvl 1 1r/lvl Stinking Cloud Cmbt 3 2x2 1r/lvl Strength Camp T 1 6t/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ____________________________________________________________ Blink Both 0 1 1r/lvl Dispel Magic Cmbt 12 3x3 - Fireball Cmbt 10+lvl 2 rad - Haste Both 6 5 dia 3r+lvl Hold Person Cmbt 12 1-4 2r/lvl Invisibility 10'Rad Both T 2 dia - Lightning Bolt Cmbt 4+1/vl 4,8 - Protection from Evil 10'Rad Both T 2 dia 2r/lvl Protection from Normal Missile Both T 1 1t/lvl Slow Cmbt 9+lvl 5 dia 3r+lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION _____________________________________________________________ Charm Monster Cmbt 6 1+ - Confusion Cmbt 12 2-16,3rad 2r+1/lvl Dimension Door Cmbt 0 1 - Fear Cmbt 0 6x3 cone 1r/lvl Fire Shield (2 Types) Both 0 1 2r+1/lvl Fumble Cmbt lvl 1 1r/lvl Ice Storm (Dmg only) Cmbt lvl 5dia - Min Globe of Invulnerability Both 0 1 1r/lvl Remove Curse Both T 1 - Bestow Curse Cmbt T 1 1t/lvl


SPELL NAME WHEN RANGE AREA DURATION ___________________________________________________________________ Cloudkill Cmbt 1 3x3 1r/lvl Cone of Cold Cmbt 0 .5/lvl cone - Feeblemind Cmbt 1/lvl 1 - Hold Monster Cmbt .5/lvl 1-4 targets 1r/lvl


                                DAMAGE VS.
                 DAMAGE VS.      LARGERTHAN      NUMBER

NAME MAN SIZED MAN SIZED OF HANDS CLASS ___________________________________________________________________ Axe, Hand 1-6 1-4 1 f Bardiche+ 2-8 3-12 2 f Bastard Sword 2-8 2-16 2 f Battleaxe 1-8 1-8 1 f Bec de Cordin+ 1-8 1-6 2 f Bill-Guisarme+ 2-8 1-10 2 f Bo Stick 1-6 1-3 2 f Broad Sword 2-8 2-7 1 f,th Club 1-6 1-3 1 f,cl,th Dagger 1-4 1-3 1 f,mu,th Dart 1-3 1-2 1 f,mu,th Fauchard+ 1-6 1-8 2 f Fauchard-Fork+ 1-8 1-10 2 f Flail 2-7 2-8 1 f,cl Fork, Military+ 1-8 2-8 2 f Glaive+ 1-6 1-10 2 f Glaive,Guisame+ 2-8 2-12 2 f Guisarme+ 2-8 1-8 2 f Guisarme-Voulge+ 2-8 2-8 2 f Halberd+ 1-10 2-12 2 f Lucern Hammer+ 2-8 1-6 1 f Hammer 2-5 1-4 1 f,cl Javelin 1-6 1-6 1 f Jo Stick 1-6 1-4 1 f Long Sword 1-8 1-12 1 f,th Mace 2-7 1-6 1 f,cl Morning Star 2-8 2-7 1 f Partisan+ 1-6 2-7 2 f Pick, Military 2-5 1-4 1 f Pike, Awl+ 1-6 1-12 1 f Quarterstaff 1-6 1-6 2 f,cl,mu Ranseur+ 2-8 2-8 2 f Scimitar 1-8 1-8 1 f,th Short Sword 1-6 1-8 1 f,th Spear 1-6 1-8 1 f Spetum+ 2-7 2-12 2 f Trident 2-7 3-12 1 f Two-Handed Sword 1-10 3-18 2 f Voulge+ 2-8 2-8 2 f Composite Long Bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f Composite Short Bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f Long Bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f Light Crossbow# 1-4 1-4 2 f Short Bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f,th Sling 2-5 2-7 1 f,th Staff Sling 2-8 3-9 2 f,cl

Notes for Weapon List: +Polearm

  • Must have ready arrows to fire. Two Attacks per round.
  1. Must have ready quarrels to fire. One Attack per round.

f=fighter, cl=cleric, th-thief, mu=magic-user


                       WEIGHT                  MAXIMUM

ARMOR TYPE IN SP AC MOVEMENT* ____________________________________________________________ None 0 10 - Shield,Small# 50 9 - Leather 50 8 12 sqaures Padded 100 8 9 sqaures Studded 200 7 9 sqaures Ring 250 7 9 squares Scale 400 6 6 squares Chain 300 5 9 squares Splint 400 4 6 squares Banded 350 4 9 squares Plate 450 3 6 squares

  • A character carrying many objects, including a large number of coins, can be

limited in movement to a mazimum of 3 spuares per turn.

  • A Shield subtracts 1 AC from any armor it's used with.


The following charts show the amount of experience a character must earn in order to gain a level in his character class. The charts also list the number of spells that a character can have memorized at one time. Fighters and Thieves can never memorize spells.

Remember that all experiences earned by a non-human, mutiple-class character is divided by the number of classes that character has. The experience is divided even after the character has reached his maximum level in a particular class. A Human dual-class character only earns experience in his second class. The character cannot use the abilities of his first class until his level in his second class exceeds his level in his first class.


                                       NUMBER OF SPELLS
                        HIT            CLERICAL SPELL LEVEL

LEVEL EXPERIENCE DICE 1 2 3 4 5 LEVEL TITLE __________________________________________________________________________ 1 0-1,500 1d8 1 - - - - Acolyte 2 1,501-3,000 2d8 2 - - - - Adept 3 3,001-6,000 3d8 2 1 - - - Priest 4 6,001-13,000 4d8 3 2 - - - Curate 5 13,001-27,500 5d8 3 3 1 - - - 6 27,501-55,000 6d8 3 3 2 - - Canon 7 55,001-110,000 7d8 3 3 2 1 - Lama 8 110,001-225,000 8d8 3 3 3 2 - Patriarch 9 225,001-450,000 9d8 4 4 3 2 1 High Priest 10 450,001-675,000 9d8+2 4 4 3 3 2 -

  • Bonus Spells For Clerics with High Wisdom Ability Score


                   BONUS SPELLS
                   1  2  3  4  5

___________________________________ 9-12 - - - - - 13 +1 - - - - 14 +2 - - - - 15 +2 +1 - - - 16 +2 +2 - - - 17 +2 +2 +1 - - 18 +2 +2 +1 +1 -

Note that these bonus spells are only available when the cleric is entitled to spells of the applicable level. Thus a 6th-level cleric with a Wisdom of 18 can memorize the following spells:

                       NUMBER OF SPELLS PER LEVEL
                       1   2   3   4   5

______________________________________________________ 6th-Level Cleric with 18 Wisdom 5 5 3 - -



LEVEL EXPERIENCE DICE LEVEL TITLE _____________________________________________________ 1 0-2,000 1d10 Veteran 2 2,001-4,000 2d10 Warrior 3 4,001-8,000 3d10 Swordsman 4 8,001-18,000 4d10 Hero 5 18,001-35,000 5d10 Swashbuckler 6 35,001-70,000 6b10 Myrmidon 7 70,001-125,000 7d10 Champion 8 125,001-250,000 8d10 Superhero 9 250,001-500,000 9d10 Lord 10 500,001-750,000 9d10+3 - 11 750,001-1,000,000 9d10+6 - 12 1,000,001-1,250,000 9d10+9 -


                                  NUMBER OF SPELLS

LEVEL EXPERIENCE DICE 1 2 LEVEL TITLE ______________________________________________________________________ 1 0-2,750 1d10 - - Gallant 2 2,751-5,500 2d10 - - Keeper 3 5,501-12,000 3d10 - - Protector 4 12,001-24,000 4d10 - - Defender 5 24,001-45,000 5d10 - - Warder 6 45,001-95,000 6d10 - - Guardian 7 95,001-175,000 7d10 - - Chevalier 8 175,001-350,000 8d10 - - Justiciar 9 350,001-700,000 9d10 1 - Paladin 10 700,001-1,050,000 9d10+3 2 - - 11 1,050,001-1,400,000 9d10+6 2 1 -


                                   NUMBER OF SPELLS
                                   DRUIDIC & MAGIC
                         HIT       USER SPELL LEVEL

LEVEL EXPERIENCE DICE 1 1 LEVEL TITLE ________________________________________________________________________ 1 0-2,250 2d8 - - Runner 2 2,251-4,500 3d8 - - Strider 3 4,501-10,000 4d8 - - Scout 4 10,001-20,000 5d8 - - Courser 5 20,001-40,000 6d8 - - Tracker 6 40,001-90,000 7d8 - - Guide 7 90,001-150,000 8d8 - - Pathfinder 8 150,001-225,000 9d8 1 - Ranger 9 225,001-325,000 10d8 1 1 Ranger Knight 10 325,001-650,000 11d8 2 1 Ranger Lord 11 650,001-975,000 11d8+2 2 2 -


                                   NUMBER OF SPELLS
                          HIT      SPELL LEVEL

LEVEL EXPERIENCE DICE 1 2 3 4 5 LEVEL TITLE _________________________________________________________________________ 1 0-2,500 1d4 1 - - - - Prestidigator 2 2,501-5,000 2d4 2 - - - - Evoker 3 5,001-10,000 3d4 2 1 - - - Conjurer 4 10,001-22,500 4d4 3 2 - - - Theurgist 5 22,501-40,000 5d4 4 2 1 - - Thaumaturgist 6 40,001-60,000 6d4 4 2 2 - - Magician 7 60,001-90,000 7d4 4 3 2 1 - Enchanter 8 90,001-135,000 8d4 4 3 3 2 - Warlock 9 135,001-250,000 9d4 4 4 3 2 1 Sorcerer 10 250,001-375,000 10d4 4 4 4 2 2 Necromancer 11 375,001-750,000 11d4 4 4 4 3 3 Wizard



LEVEL EXPERIENCE DICE LEVEL TITLE _______________________________________________________ 1 0-1,250 1d6 Rogue 2 1,251-2,500 2d6 Footpad 3 2,501-5,000 3d6 Cutpurse 4 5,001-10,000 4d6 Robber 5 10,001-20,000 5d6 Burglar 6 20,001-42,500 6d6 Ficher 7 42,501-70,000 7d6 Sharper 8 70,001-110,000 8d6 Magsman 9 110,001-160,000 9d6 Thief 10 160,001-220,000 10d6 Master Thief 11 220,001-440,000 10d6+2 - 12 440,001-660,000 10d6+4 -

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