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Some codebases were shared in large part between multiple games, affecting overall look-and-feel, interface, and data formats.
Gold Box (Pascal): The engine used in most PC Gold Box games, including Neverwinter Nights.
Gold Box (C++): The engine used in The Dark Queen of Krynn and Unlimited Adventures.
Eye of the Beholder (engine): The engine used in the Eye of the Beholder games as well as in Dungeon Hack.
Dark Sun (engine): The engine used in the Dark Sun games.

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Gold Box Games

Now available on GoG.

Tactical Simulations Interactive (TSI) Kickstarter

Seven Dragon Saga, the epic RPG debut title from Tactical Simulations Interactive formed by SSI alumni.

Goal of $450,000. Kickstarter ends April 13th 2015. cancelled for now see web site

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