Pool of Radiance Adventure Book


What is the Adventurers Journal All About? The Adventurers Journal is your guide to POOL OF RADIANCE. It includes fliers, maps, and information that your adventurers would know before beginning their quest. It also includes information that your adventures will discover during their quest.

The journal is divided into several sections. The cover shows a recruiting announcement that tempted your adventurers to come to New Phlan and a map of the civilized area of the city. The next sections are a history of Phlan and a bestiary of the monsters in and around Phlan. This is information your adventurers should already know, so read it carefully. The answer to Phlan's current plight may lie in its history.

The next three sections of the journal are information that the adventurers will come across during their adventure. POOL OF RADIANCE assumes that your characters, being careful and thorough adventurers, keep a written journal of important items that they find during their quest. Such items include announcements from the city council, information collected during an adventure (Journal Entries), and tales overheard in taverns (Tavern Tales).

During the game you will be referred to the entries in the Adventurers Journal for additional information. For example, if you go to the Hall of the City Council the program will refer to the council's currently listed Proclamations by number. Look up the specific numbered proclamations and read them. Ignore the other Proclamations until they are posted.

The game will also reference Journal Entries and Tavern Tales by number. When such a reference appears, look up the specific numbered entry and read it.

These items are information the adventurer would copy into his journal. As items are referenced check them off in the margin so you later know which items have come up during the game.

Not every Proclamation, Journal Entry, or Tavern Tale in this journal is actually true. Many entries are only rumors, dreams, or plain lies. Resist the temptation to read ahead in the journal; the true items may reveal information your adventurers couldn't know yet, and the false items will contain information that can lead them astray. When you've finished the game you can read through the whole journal and sport the false entries.

The final sections in the journal include reference material for playing the game. These appendices are a quick reference for specific game information you may need during play. Together, all of the sections should give you everything you need to complete the quest in POOL OF RADIANCE.

-- Page 1 --

A History of Phlan and the Moonsea Reaches A Discourse on This Area and its Problems by Jeff Grubb

To most inhabitants of the lands of the Inner Sea, the Moonsea and its cities represent the border between civilization and barbarism. The Moonsea sits like a great plug straddling the territory between the Mountains of Vaasa and the Nomad Steppes, protecting the southern territories from the incursions of savage Northerners. To the south of the Moonsea lie the civilized lands of Cormyr and Sembia. To the north lay hundreds of square miles of cold and unforgiving waste. Even when the southern kingdoms are themselves besieged by orcish hordes, dragons, and fell monsters, they take comfort in the fact that, "It's worse around the Moonsea."

The Moonsea Reaches are defined by sagas as being those lands bordering on the Moonsea and its major contributing rivers. These major rivers are the Tesh, flowing past the shadowed battlements of Zhentil Keep; the Wyrmflow, a cold stream flowing from the east; the Duathamper, also called the Evenflow, beginning deep in the heart of the Elven Court and flowing north; and the Barren River which flows out of the Dragonspine Mountains and into Phlan. The River Lis carries the waters from the Moonsea south to the Inner Sea.

The Moonsea itself is an odd combination of abyssal deep spots, ship-ripping shoals, and rich fresh-water reefs. Despite this, travel across the Moonsea is generally safer than making the journey on land, so that most of the major merchant activity is by water.

This is not to say that the Moonsea is without dangers. While monsters are more infrequent along the Moonsea, those that exist are generally more powerful than their landed cousins. Regions of the Moonsea are recorded as being haunted, and there have been numerous sightings of ghost ships.

The Ancient City of Phlan

   Phlan was the first great city of the Moonsea, reaching its peak some

thousand of years ago. In those days, the Moonsea was better known as the Dragon Sea, named for the large numbers of great Wyrms that inhabited that area and the regions to the north. The Barren River was then called the Stojanow, a dwarvish word meaning "Trade Route," for it was down this passage the ore-laden barges floated, bound for the south. Early Phlan was a trading outpost on the north shore of the Moonsea, set up to facilitate trade between the Elves of Myth Drannor (the most powerful elven capital of the time) and the tribes of Thar, Vaasa, and the Ride, as well as the Dragonspine Dwarves.

-- Page 2 --

   Trade between the powerful elves, the wild humans, and merchant-dwarves was

a great success for all sides. Soon Phlan was the most powerful city on the Moonsea, outshining its only rival, the Elven Docks of Hillsfar, on the south coast.

   At this time, the elves planted the Quivering Forest north of the city.

This copse was mildly enchanted, hastening the growing season to produce a great woods in the span of a human generation. Though the woods have been felled on a number of occasions, it has always returned to its original form, becoming a light woods within two years, and a deep shadow-filled forest by the end of a man's life.

   The elves, the legend says, first discovered the Pool of Radiance.  Its

description has varied through the passage of the years. many wise sages have declared it a myth and a con-man's gambit. The location of the Pool changes from tale to tale. Sometimes it is deep in the heart of an eternal wood, sometimes on an island circled by great wyrms, and sometimes in the heart of a huge solitary peak that rises above all others in the Dragonspine Mountains.

   It is said that the pool glows with its own energy.  Those that approach it

feel new power within their bones, while an unreal melody holds them in a rapture. Legends say that the Pool's power created the Quivering Forest and caused the Sorcerer's Isle to appear.

   The Pool is said to bring great power to the worthy, and death most

horrible to the unworthy. some tales say that the individual should drink it, bathe in it, or throw coins into it and wish. There are numerous folk tales of the wise fool stumbling upon the Pool, and gaining wondrous power or meeting a gory end. The abilities of the Pool change according to the need of the tale-spinner. In any event, a trader or adventurer who encounters a sudden windfall or great riches is said to have "visited the Pool."

   Whether the Pool is real or some literary invention, the First City of

Phlan (also called Archaic Phlan) survived in peace for many generations of men. In the end, outside influences brought about its downfall. Settlers began to intrude from the lands of Cormyr and Sembia into the south of the Elven Court. At the same time, the beast-men of Thar, which are today called ogres, began gathering into large hordes, ravaging the countryside.

   Phlan built mighty walls and withstood a decade of constraint invasion.  In

the end, its fate was sealed by the elves withdrawing within the Court combined with the dwarves pulling back into western reaches of the Dragonspine Mountains.

   With its trading lifeline cut, Plan fell into disrepair.  When the Black

Horde finally demolished the city walls in the year of the Tusk (112 DaleReckoning), they found little but an empty husk. The greatness that was Ancient Phlan had passed.

-- Page 3 --


   Phlan remained relatively uninhabited for the next 500 years.  The city s

position at the mouth of the mouth of the Stojanow did make it a useful meeting place for traders. Twice during this period a pirate community grew on the ruins of Phlan. The first time they were burned out by a navy sailing from Mulmaster. The second time a group known as the Red Horde, led by a red dragon of incredible age, leveled the community. Following this attack, buccaneers never regained their power in the Moonsea (though small bands still persist)>

   With time, the civilizations of man moved further north, the greater beasts

did not retreat far. Dragons nested in the Dragonspine Mountains, ogres raided from the Great Gray Land of Thar, and horrible undead things fingered in the swamps and in the passes through to Vaasa.

   Hillsfar retained it elven ties and flourished even as Phlan s power was

deteriorating, growing from a small town into a large prosperous city. The foundations of Zhentil Keep and Mulmaster were laid while Phlan lay in ruins. Small towns such as Melvaunt, Thentia and Elmwood were started during this period. The inland city of Yulash, situated atop a great mount that dominates the south-western corner of the lake, rose to the zenith of its power during this time.

   In 712 DR, the year of the Moon s Tears, Milsor the Valjevo, Founder of

the Valjevo Dynasty, journeyed to Phlan to re-establish the city as a trading outpost. He was aided in his task by the Wizard Rimon and the Priestess Alonius of Tyr.

   Milsor, Rimon, and Alonius gathered together interested adventurers and

cleansed the city of the evil orcs and goblins that had made it their lair. They cleared banks of the Stojanow and drove the arch-lich Zanakar from the Sorcerer s Island in the center of Lake Kuto. In return for his efforts, Rimon was given the Sorcerer s Island as his home. Alonius, in turn, was given a wide area in the recovered regions of Phlan as a temple to Tyr, the god of justice.

   By 750 DR the temple complex had been finished.  In its day, it was said to

be the largest temple of good in the entire North. They city as well had recovered, and large numbers of immigrants arrived. Some were natives of other Moonsea cities seeking to make or expand their fortunes in the new lands. But others arrived as well, including men of the Dalelands and Sembians, as well as farmers and lumbermen, intent on making the region their home.

   The newcomers built on the ruins of the old city, often not checking what

had lay beneath their foundations. Some curious souls reported great, twisting passages leading far beneath the earth. Exploring such areas was first discouraged. It was later outlawed after a party of adventurers freed an extremely large beholder. The newcomers, led by Valjevo and his heirs., closed off the passages choosing to ignore the past and seeking only the future for their city.

-- Page 4 --

   The dalesmen spread up the Stojanow River.  They diverted the river s flow

and turned the rocky terrain into a rich landscape of fields and orchards. The reach of the farmlands extended from Lake Kuto to the city of Phlan at the mouth of the river. Some say the land was so rich because of the proximity of the enchanted Quivering Forest. Others ascribe the bounty to the wizardries of Rimon. Still others credit the series of dikes and levees that the farmers, aided by magical spells, used to harness the river itself.

   Whatever the cause, the healthy harvest of the Stojanow River Valley

provided Phlan with a solid trading base. For the next 200 years Phlan was the center of trade around the Moonsea. Its grains, fruits, and tubers filled vaults from Mulmaster to Zhentil Keep. It appeared that civilization, after a false start, had finally made a major foothold in the lands north of the Moonsea.

   Such was not to be the case, for the forces of good and evil ebb and flow

like the shores of the Moonsea itself. In the 195th year of Phlan, (907 DR), the golden age ended in rust. A plant ruse, which affected most of the farmlands around Phlan, destroyed harvest for the next three years. Suddenly the Moonsea reaches were in the grips of a powerful famine, relieved at great cost with shipments from the south. There was great suffering, and other cities, once so enamored of Phlan s gentle power, were resentful that it had failed.

   The native Phlanars were resentful as well.  Their once good rulers had

fallen into a sloth and ease in the centuries since the re-establishment of the city. The Valjevo blood was said to run thin in the Princes and Princesses of Phlan. They reacted to the plague infesting the grain by first ignoring it, then setting up committees, and finally legislating it out of existence. Only when the magnitude of the problem became clear, did they act. Even then they failed their people, overreacting to the point of placing a ban on all shipments out of the city, seeking to keep what supplies were left for the native population.

   The other cities, already angry with Phlan for its rising prices in the

face of the plague, rebelled against this new measure. Fleets form Mulmaster and Hillsfar began to raid cargoes destined the city. Smugglers operated out of the Twilight March and Stormy Bay despite official attempts to enforce the ban on shipments.

   A large land force equipped with siege machinery set out from Zhentil Keep

toward Phlan. The force encamped at Stormy Bay while the ruling heads of Phlan negotiated to spare the city. In the end, the Keeper force was turned back through a massive payment to their leaders. These leaders were the first appearance in Phlan record of the Zhentarim which would increase in power over the next 300 years.

   During this activity, Rimon, now old in the ways that only wizards can be

old, disappeared from his rocky abode. What became of Rimon is unknown, for the rulers of Phlan had not sought his council for a generation. Some say he became a lich himself, using the methods discovered by Zanakar. Others say that he sacrificed himself in battle on a far-distant plane in order to save the lands of Phlan. Still others state that he had found the Pool of Radiance and

-- Page 5 --

became a great and powerful being in some other part of the Realms. Most likely Rimon merely fell prey to the effects of old age as all mortals do. Whatever the cause, Rimon was never seen again in the Realms, and his citadel became a haunted, abandoned ruin within a decade.

   The Famine of the Red Plants passed after three seasons, and an abundant

harvest returned to Phlan. But the harvests were never to be as great as before, not the fruit from the orchards as sweet. Whatever magic, true of imagined, that had reestablished Phlan passed. The city began to become gray and ordinary, losing power to the Keepers and the men of Mulmaster. The golden age was over.

   The Valjevo Princes, their blood thin indeed, continued for another

century. The century was filled with petty wars between the various city-states. No longer the leading city of the Moonsea, Phlan battled with its rival more often. Piracy, or rather privateering, was on the rise, a situation that continues to this day among g the city-states.

   Phlan was wracked by interior torments as well.  The people of the city

were well aware of their loss of power and prestige. Farms north of Phlan were now being abandoned. Dark shadows lurked between the massive trunks of the trees in the Quivering Forest. An attempt to clear a path through that growth in 1023 DR resulted in the death of the last surviving Great Prince of the Valjevo family.

   The death of the Great Prince resulted in a three -year civil war within

the city, as various function s supported different candidates to take the mantle of the Great Prince. All candidates claims upon the royal blood were questionable and every faction sought to control Phlan s future through placing their choice on the throne. During this time, the great temple of Tyr was looted and burned, leaving only a great blackened shell. Many of the leading merchant families fled to other climes.

   In the end, the last survivor was a young noble supported by a group of

powerful merchants. They created the first Council of Phlan to act as regents for the youth. The Council spoiled the child, who grew into a spoiled man who was unable and unwilling to take the reins of power. He died without issue forty years later, and the Council has ruled ever since.


   The last 300 years of Phlan have been a continued retreat form the

greatness that once was. Smaller rural towns were abandoned in the face of increasing evil to the north. Sorcerer's Isle was said to be inhabited again by fell powers. The city fell back upon that which it did so well so long ago: trading. It began to serve again as the middleman between the new powerful Northern tribes and the established nations of the South. For a shot time, about a hundred years ago, the awful tide of retreat seemed to be halted and the city was on its way to becoming a prosperous trading town once more.

   Yet dark things continued to lurk on the borders of Phlan.  Sorcerer s

Island was said to be inhabited by Yarash, an evil mage who was said to be seeking Rimon s power, the Arch-Lich's

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magic, the Pool of Radiance, or all three. The greatly diminished Dwarven Nations of Dragonspine reported great hordes of orcs and ogres attacking their citadels, and their barge trade came to a complete halt. Small towns and hamlets were raided and burned with increasing regularity, sending refugees to Phlan seeking passage to safer lands.

Then disaster struck. Raiders from the north, aided by dragons and other dangerous creatures, poured down out of the northlands. The Quivering Forest was burned in a massive fire that dominated the sky for a month. Monstrous hordes containing every imaginable creature marched with horrifying precision toward the city.

   The Council debated, argued, and debated again while the hordes drew

nearer, much as the last Valjevo Princes did in their long-ago folly. Finally, they chose to fight, but were overwhelmed by the forces of orc and dragon. Phlan burned and fell to the forces of evil, who looted and pillaged that which remained.

   The last remanants of the Council stood their ground, trying to evacuate as

many citizens as possible. Of the council members, the Last Priest of Tyr, Ferran Martinex, held the last garrison, Sokal Keep, which stood at the mouth of the Barren River. It is said that Ferran placed a terrible curse upon the Keep to prevent anyone from taking it.

   In the end, even the waters of the Stojanow river turned poisonous and

murky, and the river took its present name, the Barren. The rich farmlands of the Stojanow River Valley were laid waste and became known as the Scoured Lands.


   That should have been the end of Phlan's story, but it is not so.  Men

remember the tales of Valjevo, who brought the first city of Phlan back from its ruins. Adventurers, smugglers, and small traders visited the region and brought back tales of Phlan under control of its evil masters. Many of the buildings were burned, but many others were spared. The shell of the temple of Tyr had been rebuilt, dedicated to some darker, more evil god. Zhentarim spies and agents of dark Vaasan nobles met and planned in Phlan, and the riches of the ages still survive for those who sought to look.

   In time, more modest men returned to Phlan to rebuild her.  A stockaded

community roe from among the rubble of the past glories. These men intended to engage in the same profession as those before them, for Phlan still occupied a prime position for trading on the Moonsea. However, until the city was cleared, the Barren River made clean, and the competing city states pacified, Phlan was likely to stay in impoverished ruins.

   Two years ago, in the Year of the Worm, two things happened that would

mean a change of Phlan s future. First was the Flight of the Dragons that surged through the northern regions ofd the lands of the Inner Sea. Due to a cause unknown, great wyrms come down from the far north destroying all in their path. These are not the rare, opportunistic dragons seeking alliance with humanoid tribes, but rather huge waves of angry scaled monsters, bringing destruction where they travel.

   Many of the Moonsea and Daletowns suffered great destruction in

-- Page 7 --

the battles that followed. Yulash was utterly ruined by the attack, and Hillsfar was greatly damaged. The most telling blow was delivered by the body of a great dragon that fell into the Hillsfar harbor, blocking that entrance for a month.

   Much of Phlan was also smashed into a smoking ruin by these beasts.

Strangely, it worked in the favor of those men who lived there. Most of the damage was taken in the already-ruined section of the city, where various evil warlords vied for control and riches. The attack of the dragons broke their power, creating a vacuum in the control of the city and giving the men of Phlan a chance to re-establish themselves and their homes.

   Yet this would not occur without leaders, and the reappearance of the

Council of Phlan was the second great thing to occur in the city. Descendants of the last Council still survived all the turmoil that had occurred, and many families wished to return to the land. These leaders were no great mages or wondrous fighters, but traders, merchants, and clerics. Their leaders, who remain to this day, were the shrewd and powerful trader Ulrich Eberhard, the retired mercenary captain Werner Von Urslingen, and the Bishop of Braccio of Tyr. They have been joined by their junior member, Porphyrys of the ancient House Cadorna.

   Together the council has proposed exactly that which Valjevo accomplished

so long ago, clearing the city by means of recruited adventurers. The promise of great treasure and the myth of the Pool of Radiance provided adventurers with an irresistible draw. The Council published notices and paid traveling bards to make sure that the story of Phlan's waiting riches was distributed all around the Moonsea and beyond.


   The city of Phlan, built on ruins upon ruins, is a city at war.  It is

divided between the human forces of the Council, and those evil forces that hold a great deal of the city under their sway.

   The human territories of Phlan are nestled behind a strong stockade of

stone quarried from the ruins and trees lumbered from the Quivering Forest. A substantial city-guar patrols the openings in the walls at all hours, always ready to repel any attacks by the old city's evil inhabitants.

   The buildings of rebuilt Phlan are sturdy and utilitarian, with little of

the splendor of the ancient past. The glorious of the past shine through in an ancient column now used to support a stable's wooden roof or a faded fresco overlooking an adventurer's taproom. The past is always with the inhabitants of Phlan, reminding them of what once was and could yet be again.

   The natives of Phlan are a mixed group, including descendants of the

families of Valjevo's day and returnees who seek to reclaim lands and treasure lost to the dragon horde fifty years ago. The city is also filled with adventurers seeking new fortunes and traders hoping to reestablish the old trading lines.

   Orcs and other generally evil humanoids are viewed with alarm within the

city, though evil humans come and go unmolested with the ships. It is said that spies from the other cities of the Moonsea make regular calls with the ships, overseeing

-- Page 8 --

the progress of the Council in re-establishing the city. If the Council is TOO successful, some say, then sabotage may be in order to prevent Phlan from returning to its former power.

   The lands beyond the civilized stockade are wild ruins controlled by

whatever local faction or tribe holds that piece of land. Control lasts only as long as the reach of claw or sword. Petty bands of orcs, goblins, and men vie for power, some led by more sinister monsters.

   Much of Phlan s ruined greatness can be found in the Old City.  The main

sights include: the forgotten riches of the wealthy old noble's house; Podol Plaza, the center of the old trading district; and the Old Temple, now dedicated to the dark god Bane. Valjevo Castle has been refortified and is being used as a headquarters for one faction leader of another.

   Phlan remains now, as it has ever been, a city with the greatest of

potential. In the cycles of its rise and fall, legends have arisen before. In engineering New Phlan s renaissance, new legends are sure to emerge.

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The Phlan Area Bestiary

This is a list of some of the monsters found in an around Phlan and the north shore of the Moonsea. Most monsters can strike fear into the hearts of men, but some are more powerful than others. The monster's reputation is reflected in its monster level, listed as a Roman numeral after its name. Level I monsters are less powerful than a well-equipped beginning fighter. A Level VIII monster may be more powerful than several heroes.

Anhkeheg (VI): Large burrowing insects with great mandibles. These creatures have been known to spit a powerful acid.

Basilisk (VII): A giant eight-legged lizard. One of the most dangerous creatures in the realms because their gaze can turn creatures to stone!

Bugbear (IV): Hideous giant sized goblins who stand over seven feet in height. Bugbears look clumsy but are strong, quick fighters with great stealth.

Centaur (IV): These good creatures are half men and half horse. They are capable fighters and can be valuable allies.

Displacer Beast (VI): These creatures are large, black puma-like creatures with two tentacles sprouting from their backs. These creatures can appear several feet from their actual location.

Drider (VI): These creatures resemble a cross between a drow elf and a giant spider. They are powerful spell casters.

Efertti (VII): These large powerful jinn are from the elemental plane of fire. They are very arrogant and will only serve a powerful master.

Ettin (VII): These creatures look like giant two-headed orcs. They have great strength and usually wield two spiked clubs that inflict terrible damage in combat.

Fire Giant (VIII): These evil giants have flaming red hair and are immune to all fire. They usually attack with giant two-handed swords.

Giant Frog (III): These are giant carnivorous frogs. They are fast, dangerous predators who may be poisonous.

Giant Lizard (IV): These are the giant cousins to the command lizard.

Giant Mantis (VII): These are the giant version of the common mantis. These creatures are fast, strong, and have good armor.

Giant Scorpion (VI): These are the giant version of the common scorpion. Its poisonous tail can kill a man.

Giant Snake (V): These are giant poisonous snakes.

Ghoul (III): These are evil undead whose touch may paralyze a man in combat. They feed on corpses and attack all living creatures on sight.

-- Page 10 --

Gnoll (II): These creatures are hyena-headed humanoids who stand over seven feet tall.

Goblin (I): These are small humanoids common in the Realms.

Hill Giant (VII): These are one of the smaller, more stupid giants, but they are still tough opponents. They usually carry large clubs.

Hippogriff (III): These magnificent creatures have the forelimbs and head of an eagle and the body and hind legs of a horse.

Hobgoblin (II): These are human-sized, intelligent relatives of the goblin.

Kobold (I): These are small, cowardly humanoids who delight in killing and torture.

Lizardman (III): These are lizard-like humanoids. They are omnivorous but they have a particular fancy for human flesh.

Medusa (VI): These are hideous women with snakes for hair. They can turn a man to stone with their gaze.

Minotaur (VI): These are strong bull-headed humanoids. They are cruel man eaters, commonly found in mazes.

Mummy (VII): These are powerful undead with great strength. The mere sight of one has been known to paralyze a man in combat. The touch of the mummy causes a strange rotting disease.

Nymph (V): These are extremely beautiful creatures that appear as ever-young females. They usually inhabit wild lakes and streams.

Ogre (IV): These are large, foul-tempered, ugly humanoids. They are strong fighters.

Orc (I): These are evil, pig-faced humanoids.

Phase Spider (VI): These are giant poisonous spiders with the ability to phase in and out of this dimension. Usually they only "phase in" to attack, then "phase out" again.

Quickling (IV): These are small, fast-moving creatures. Because of their great speed they are invisible when they move.

Skeleton (I): These are the least of the undead. These animated skeletons are usually controlled by some evil force.

Spectre (VII): These are one of the most powerful of the undead. Their touch can drain the life out of men.

Stirge (II): These are small, blood-sucking birds.

Thri-Kreen (VI): These are intelligent, carnivorous insect-men who live in burrows. They have four arms and a poisonous bite that paralyzes their foes.

-- Page 11 --

Tiger (V): These are noble beasts who are both strong and silent. Though their normal prey are animals, they have been known to become "man-eaters."

Troll (VI): These are large, strong, ugly humanoids. They know no fear and can regenerate wounds.

Vampire (VIII): These are one of the most dreaded undead in the Realms. They can drain life levels, are strong fighters, and are sometimes powerful magic users.

Wardog (III): These are large, strong dogs, trained to kill. Orcs, goblins, and other evil humanoids are known to use them.

Wight (VI): Evil, undead humans whose touch can drain the life out of a man.

Wild Boar (IV): These creatures are the wild relatives of the pig.

Wraith (VI): These creatures are non-corporeal undead. Their touch can drain the life out of a man.

Wyvern (VII): These creatures are distant relatives of dragons. They attack by biting and using the poisonous sting in their tail.

Zombie (IV): Magically animated corpses controlled by an evil force. Zombies always fight back until destroyed or turned.

-- Page 12 --


These messages are posted on the wall of the City Hall. They represent messages that the City Council wants to relate to the citizens and adventurers in New Phlan. When you go to City Hall the game will refer to the posted proclamations by number. Each proclamation begins with:

From the City Council of New Phlan to all brave and hearty adventurers:

Proclamation LIX

   Be it known that the council is interested in reclaiming the remaining

blocks of the city of New Phlan. To reclaim said blocks they must be first cleared of monsters, vermin, and other uncivilized inhabitants. To this end the council is offering a reward to any person or group who is responsible for clearing any block of the old city.

Proclamation LXIV

   Be it known that the council is interested in acquiring information as to

the disposition of various formerly-living entities rumored to be harassing honest citizens in the vicinity of Valhigen Graveyard. A reward is offered to any person who shall travel to said graveyard and return an eye-witness account.

Proclamation LXXVIII

   Be it known that the council is offering a reward to any person or persons

who can provide information as to the disposition of several council agents who have been sent to investigate the unseemly happenings in the vicinity of Valhigen Graveyard.

Proclamation CI

   Be it known that the council, knowing that commerce is the life s blood of

New Phlan, has decreed that Sokal Keep is to be cleared of all unlawful inhabitants. A reward is offered to the person or persons who successfully carry out this commission . All interested in applying for said commission shall present themselves to the clerk of the council.

Proclamation CIX

   Be it known that the council is offering an inducement to any individual

who shall serve in the rescue force for the mercenary band of Taimalg-the-Invincible which has disappeared inside Valhigen Graveyard.

Proclamation CX

   Be it known that the council is seeking a stalwart band to undertake a

mission of particular sensitivity. Any brave and clever band of adventure seekers who are not adverse to earning a large reward should present themselves to the council clerk for a special commission.

-- Page 13 --

Proclamation CXIV

   Be it known that the council is offering a special reward for the safe

return of the heir to the House of Bivant. Said minor was carried off during a buccaneer attack on the merchant ship in which he was sailing. Apply to the council clerk for the council s commission and additional information as to the abduction.

Proclamation CXX

   Be it known that the council has decreed that the threat of the pirates who

plague eastern shipping to New Phlan will be eliminated. The council offers a generous reward for the exact location of the pirates stronghold in the Twilight Marsh. An even greater reward is offered for the elimination of the pirates as a threat to shipping. Apply to the council clerk for a commission.

Proclamation CXXVI

   Be it known that the council is offering a reward for all books and tomes

containing information about the fall of Phlan. The amount of said reward to be dependent upon the value of the information provided.

Proclamation CXXIX

   Be it known that the council has decreed that the foul poisoning of the

river formerly known as Stojanow is to be brought to an end. Accordingly, a reward is offered to any group which shall travel up the river currently known as the Barren, locate the source of its poisoning, and eliminate said source. A commission may be obtained from the council clerk.

Proclamation CXXXIV

   Be it known that the council has declared those individuals who have taken

up residence in the mansion of the former Koval Family to be traitors and thieves. Be it further known that a reward has been offered for the elimination of these outlaws. A commission to rid the city of this blight may be obtained from the council clerk.

Proclamation CLIV

   Be it known that the council has proclaimed a generous bounty for each

undead killed. Be it also known that in addition to said bounty, the council is willing to provide a special enchanted item, useful in the destruction of undead, to any group of adventurers which accepts the commission to cleanse Valhigen Graveyard. Apply to the city clerk for said commission.

Proclamation CLVI

   Be it known that the council is seeking a hearty band to undertake a

mission to rescue the Duchess of Melvaunt. The duchess is supposedly being held by a band of ogres in a camp to the northeast of Phlan. A generous reward is offered for the safe return of the duchess. Apply to the council clerk for commission and additional information concerning the abduction.

Proclamation CLXX

   Be it known that the council is interested in obtaining information

concerning bands of insect men known to plague the grassy planes to the west of New Phlan. Said insect men are a hazard to transportation to and from Zhentil Keep. A reward is offered to any person or persons who return with complete information on the location, disposition, and intentions of the insect men. Apply to the council clerk for a commission.

-- Page 14 --

Proclamation CXC

   Be it known that the council is interested in obtaining information about

the disposition of various hobgoblins believed to be gathering in support of forces bent upon the destruction of our fair city. A generous reward is offered to any who shall scout out the doings of these foul creatures and report such to the council. A larger reward is offered if the marshaling of said hobgoblins can be prevented. A commission may be obtained from the council clerk.

Proclamation CCI

   Be it known that the council is interested in clearing obstacles to

establishing a trade route to the east. Said obstacles currently include an infestation of lizard men in the swamps to the east. A reward is offered to any who can locate the source of the infestation and remove the lizard men as an obstacle to trade. A commission may be obtained from the council clerk.

Proclamation CCIV

   Be it known that the council is interested in obtaining information about

the disposition of various kobolds currently believed to be gathering in support of forces aimed on the destruction of our fair city. A generous reward is offered to any who shall scout out the doings of these foul creatures and report such to the council. A larger reward is offered if the marshaling of said kobolds can be prevented. A commission may be obtained from the council clerk.

Proclamation CCXIV

   Be it known that the council is interested in obtaining information about

the disposition of a large nomad band currently believed scouting the approaches to our fair city. A generous reward is offered to any who can prevent said nomads from joining with the force now gathering to attack New Phlan. A commission may be obtained from the council clerk.

-- Page 15 --


These entries include items which the adventurers might copy or file in their journal as they travel. During the game these entries are referred to by number. When the game refers to a journal entry read the specific entry and place a checkmark in the margin to keep track of which entries have come up in the game. Do not read ahead to other journal entries; some entries are false and may lead your adventurers astray.

Journal Entry 1:

   A loud voice coming from a magic mouth cast on a stone tablet.
    I am Yarash the Sorcerer!
   Be it known that for every living giant insect you return to Sorcerers

Island I will pay a generous bounty, including a weapon empowered by magic. I will pay for giant insects such as thri-kreen, giant mantis, and anhkheg. The insects may be found by magic but dead insects are of no use to me.

    Bring any bodies to the northern river mouth on Lake Kuto.  Call the name

of Yarash loudly three times and I shall come. Do not call unless you have something for me. I shall be very angry if I am disturbed without cause!

    I am Yarash the Sorcerer!

Journal Entry 2:

    Told in a painful whisper.
    I never like pain.  Let me go an I'll tell ya of the kobold treasure

horde. We attacked a gold shipment once -- took it by surprise. Thirty times my weight in gold pieces were taken. We knew if we were raided we d lose the stuff in the treasure room. So we hid it behind a secret door in the warrens -- that s where we keep the womenfolk. They tossed me in here ta die, so it don t do no harm ta tell ye. Find it and good riddance.

Journal Entry 3:

   An old leather-bound book, written with a small, firm hand.
    The hordes came again last night.  Their coordination was frightening.

Under the cover of darkness, goblins and kobolds pushed bundles of sticks to within bow range. These bundles formed a wall that protected the small ones from our archers. Once the wall was erected orc archers took up safe positions there and begin pelting the castle walls with arrows.

    We tried shooting flaming arrows at the wall of sticks to set it afire.

Monsters are normally afraid of fire. But these monsters showed no fear. They simply scooped dirt on the flames to put them out. Before all the fires were out they had resumed firing at us. Surely, some unnatural forces must have been at work to weld these quarrelsome beasts into an organized fighting force.

    I do not know if we can combat the monsters onslaught much longer.  We

lost 12 more men last night. The monsters seem to have an unlimited number of reinforcements. The Last Priest of Tyr, Ferrann Martinez, says he has a way to protect the keep, but he says that it s so terrible that it may only be used as a last resort. Unless we receive reinforcements shortly, Ferrann Martinez is our only hope.

-- Page 16 --

Journal Entry 4:


Journal Entry 5:

   A small piece of parchment folded into the spine of a family s holy book.
   The family treasurers are buried in the tunnels beneath Kuto s Well. climb

down the well and search for a secret passage. In the passage there is a dangerous trap. Search the walls until you find the lever to disarm the trap. Then proceed through the passage into an adjacent chamber. The treasures are buried in the southwest corner.

Journal Entry 6:

   A quickly scratched note.
    Show the Boss's Seal to the thri-kreen guards.  Be careful, they are wary

of outsiders. Keep your hands away from your weapons no matter what they do.

    "With the seal you should gain style passage in to see the Queen.  She will

give the artifacts in exchange for the seal and the treaty. Do not do anything to get her mad, the bugs would just as soon kill you as look at you. Once you have the artifacts, get out of the stinking burrow and get back to the castle".

Journal Entry 7:

   A tightly bound scroll seemingly immune to the ravages of time.
    Fountains and pools hold great power that can only be reached by

performing proper ceremonies. Most sure of these is immersion, for in this way the bather surrenders himself to the spirit of the water. That spirit, or some portion of it, enters into the bather, whereby he gains great powers. Woe to the weak willed whose spirits are sure to be consumed by spirits that put even the strong at risk. Yurax holds that the Falls of lxce are greatest of all these. Morden writes that the Pool of Radiance is greater still.

   Later in the book.
    Places of magical power are not necessarily tied to one physical location.

Power often moves from plane to place along the path of least resistance. The termination of the path determines the place s location on this plane. Volatile upheavals between the planes may lead to a change in the path of least resistance. This can change where the path terminates on this plane, thus moving the place of power.


-- Page 17 --

    Some who wield strong supernatural forces can bend the path like an

engineer damming a river. When the path is bent, it can terminate in a new location, moving the place of power on this plant. If the supernatural force that bent the path is removed, the path will snap back to its original form and the place of power will return to its original location. Such disruption can have violent and unpredictable results.

    Thus, inter-planar upheavals and directed supernatural forces may hold

the answer to the seemingly ever-changing location of places of power, such as the Pool of Radiance.


   A rugged popular account of the northern lands.
    Ten days ride north of the Varm is a barren and dead country called the

Leewai, land-in-pain or land-of-cause-pain. Further to the south this place is known as the Tortured Land. It is said to be an evil place, shunned by the Riders. They speak little of this land. But, yearly, during Ches, they make a trip into its heart. There they go to praise the spirit of a glowing spring. This they have done for ages and so shall they do for years to come.

Journal Entry 9: Several pieces of paper with highly organized writing.

   Fact: Joran Alberach is a special envoy, from Zhentil Keep, to the City of

Council of New Phlan.

   Strong Rumor: Here to negotiate military assistance agreement between

Zhentil Keep and New Phlan.

   Rumor: Zhentil Keep wants an ancient powerful artifact in return for their

military cooperation.

   Rumor: The New Phlan City Council has such an artifact that was found in

the ruins of a recently reclaimed building.

   Vague Rumor: Joran Alberach wants the artifact for himself, not for the

rulers of Zhentil Keep.

Journal Entry 10:


Journal Entry 11:

   A mangled page of fine paper with entries written in a very fine hand.
    He is livid about the undead coming out of Valhingen Graveyard.  Three

times He has sent assault groups, three times none have returned. He dares not send any of the priests of Bane to clear the graveyard. He assumes that if a priest could wrest control of the undead from their current master, that the priest would then become a threat to His power.

    I suggested that if we could neutralize the power that leads the undead,

that we could then use the undead as a tool.

-- Page 18 --

He though on this and then ordered me to find out who or what is in control in Valhingen Graveyard. Preliminary investigation shows that the graveyard is controlled by a being of great power, perhaps a vampire or a demon. I shall expend a few scouts and low level priests to find out more information.

Journal Entry 12:

   Message scratched into the wall over the pool.
   Beware the power of the pool.
   Death to those unworthy of the gifts of the pool.
   Power to those who will use the gifts of the pool wisely.
   Bathe in the pool if you dare.

Journal Entry 13:

   A flowery note written on stationary emblazoned with the symbol of the City

Council of New Phlan.

    With the artifact and agreement in this pouch we have made our final

concessions to your demands. We have given you everything you have asked for. This should settle our differences and cement our alliance.

    Now that we have delivered our part of the bargain we will expect you to

uphold your end. Use this protected pouch and our representatives to deliver your part of the bargain to the city council. Remember to include all of the magical items we agreed upon.

    With the buried riches in the reclaimed Phlan, and the might of Zhentil

Keep we will be able to control all of the northern shores of the Moonsea.

   Porphyrys Cadorna
   City Council
   New Phlan

Journal Entry 14:

   Several pieces of paper with highly organized writing.
   Fact: Porphyrys Cadorna is the last known surviving member of the Cadorna


   Strong Rumor: rising star in city politics and on the City Council.
   Rum or: very charming, has many admirers, but no known mate.
   Rumor: vindictive, likes to get his own way and remembers when he is (in

his mind) double-crossed.

   Fact: has contacted thieves to have them gain him information on the Pool

of Radiance. Fact: has hired a number of mercenaries through the thieves (we received our normal cut).

   Vague Rumor: is using mercenaries to find Pool of Radiance.


Journal entry 16:

   Told in a proud, haughty voice.
    I am a princess of a tribe of nomads to the northwest.  My father is an

old fool. He wanted me to marry King Al Rasid, to cement an alliance. I had more important things to do, than to be tied down to an aging monarch. When I marry, it shall be to someone who has the same taste of adventure and the same skill with a sword.

-- Page 19 --

    Well, Father was insistent and his subjects supported him, so I left to

seek my fortune. Kobolds had been raiding our tents upon occasion, so I headed this way. If I could end the threat, then I d have more leverage with my tribe. However, two nights ago, I was ambushed by these worms -- knocked out and bound up. I finally got myself untied a little while ago and was working my way out of these caves when you showed up

Journal Entry 17:

   A quick note on an often used piece of paper.
    I must find some hardy allies in case this monster from Phlan sends his

troops to attack my island. I need a small, intelligent party who can move through the civilized areas without notice, but who have the skill to traverse the uncivilized areas and the wilderness. I must watch the next groups to come to the lake and see if any would make proper allies.

Journal Entry 18:

   A ratty piece of parchment with large writing on one side.
    Hold the Sokal Keep on Thorn Island at all costs.  If attacked, sacrifice

your troops as necessary to hold out until relieved.

    In your deployment set two squads of hobgoblins to patrol Thorn Island at

all times. At least 2 squads of archers are to be deployed on the walls at all times. Let the pack of wardogs loose to cover the island several times a day at random intervals. Set pairs of kobolds as observers in hidden locations around the island.

   If Thorn Island is invaded immediately dispatch a message back to the

castle. We will send over however many reinforcements are necessary to hold the island.

Journal Entry 19:

   A black bound tome written in a strange halting hand.
    ...and settled foremost in the half of Minor Courtiers were the lesser

powers: Maram of the Great Spear; Haask, Voice of Hargut; Tyranthraxus the Flamed One; Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud; and Camnod the Unseen. These too fell down and became servants of the great lord Bane.

Journal Entry 20:

   Told in a pained voice:
    We just got the cut through to the beastie's lair when I injured my leg.

King decided there wasn't much use for me anymore. Made me a proposition though. Said if I went into the lair and brought out the treasure, he d feed me till I stopped breathing . Best deal I had, so they tossed me down here. Not bein a fool, I fit out for the deepest hidey-hole. Thankfully the beastie was asleep. I can still move real quiet when I must.

    Anyway, if there hasn't been much of an alarm, then drunken Ferd must be

on watch at the rock. He s the King s son, so he ain't here with me -- worthless sot. If he s there, he s got less brains than a fermented rat, just act officious and he'll take ya ta the King. Wouldn't mind hearin of that tyrant's demise. Ya seem just the types to do it too.

-- Page 20 --

Journal Entry 21:

   A crumbling old book; one of a massive series.
    At this time there ruling the Twisted Ones was a powerful general named

Tyranthraxus. he strode before his armies cloaked in flame and led the Riders out of the Waste. At his hand the kingdom of Barze was conquered. turning south he led his army to conquer the Horreb and the Vane. Tyranthraxus was a cruel man and leveled all that he had taken, murdering the princes of these lands. Bur the flame that surrounded him consumed him, destroying his body. Freed of its shell, it flew among the men of his army, lighting on each and claiming it. It was then when Baron Schodt imprisoned Tyranthraxus in a vial of water which shone like the light of day. This he sank in the watery depths of Lake Longreach, defeating the armies of Tyranthraxus had raised.


Journal Entry 23: Several pieces of paper with highly organized writing.

   Fact: Ulrich Eberhard is old, hard headed in every sense of the word,

leader of the initial expedition to retake Phlan.

   Strong Rumor: unfaithful to his wife, but she knows, though he doesn't know

she knows.

   Rumor: hates monsters, with a passion; would kill every last one before


   Vague Rumor: angry attitude is a cover; he is actually paid by the Boss.
   Rumor: opposes rise of Porphyrys Cadorna as a,  Young upstart who doesn't

respect his elders!.

Journal Entry 24:

   A piece of old, expensive paper written in a dried brown fluid.
    Cursed is the child Porphyrys.  He who was visited by the spirit of fire

in his cradle. he who burned his nursemaid, and he who called the armies of the night down from the mountains.

    Possessed is the one called Porphyrys.  When the spirit of evil is in him

you can see the fire in his eyes. When he is possessed, the ground trembles with his power and the nearby plants wither as if exposed to a great heat.

    None of the servants will go near the child anymore.  I think he should

have been drowned at birth. But his mother is blind to his possession. She guards him like a tigress protecting a kitten. I think he has ensorcered her.

    For now we have no choice.  We will evacuate the city by ship on the

morrow. And the accursed child shall come along. I swear that he smiles every time there is an explosion, or anytime you hear a man scream. Saints preserve us all from this demon child.

Journal Entry 25:

   An official-looking notice.
    The number of undead creeping out of the Valhingen Graveyard is

increasing. These undead have disrupted training, destroyed property, and killed many of our troops. Patrols have been sent into the graveyard to reconnoiter and determine the source of the undead. None have returned. Under tour responsibilities as a priest of Bane in the city, you must help combat the menace.

-- Page 21 --

    Lead a group of acolytes into the graveyard with the purpose of

discovering the source and leader of the undead. If your group can engage and defeat the leader, or destroy the source, do so. If your group is outmatched, return with your information so that we can form an assault group with clerics and troops. Upon completion of this mission you will be in line for promotion to the next higher rank in the hierarchy of the temple of Bane in Phlan.

   The Boss

Journal Entry 26:

   A small bound book:
    I have charted this maze as closely as I can.  My way is blocked by both

stone and mystic death traps. Yarash mush have used his magic to escape this place. I can find no other way out.


   Yarash has been breeding creatures for increased ferocity.  Most of his

experiments fail. Few live long enough to mature. None that mature have yet bred true. The bodies of his failures are often used as food for his newer creations.

    I do not know what Yarash intends to do when he completes his hideous

experiments. But I must assume that he will turn his abominations loose on the world. To these creatures Yarash will be their creator, perhaps even their god! The idea of Yarash as a god to anyone sickens me. I must find a way to stop him.

Journal Entry 27:

   An impressive announcement.
   BOUNTY of 10,000 GOLD!
    I will pay 10,000 gold pieces for a live sahuagin! I will pay 1,000 gold

pieces for a recently dead sahuagin in good condition. I need a specimen of this man-like salt water aquatic creature for my studies.

    Bring your specimen to the shore of Lake Kuto and build a fire as a

signal. Your specimen will be examined. If it is truly a sahuagin you could end up with 10,000 gold pieces. But beware, I will know any forgeries, and I will punish any attempt at deception.

    So capture a live sahuagin, bring him to Lake Kuto, and walk away a rich


   Yarash the Sorcerer


-- Page 22 --


Journal entry 30:

   Carefully prepared notes.
   Note 1: Tyranthraxus is definitely a product of immersion in the Pool of

Radiance. His extraordinary brilliance, vigor, charisma, and power must be a direct result of exposure to the effects of the Pool.

   Note 2: The Pool of Radiance may grant special magical abilities.

Tyranthraxus exhibits a fiery aura, obviously magical. He also seems to have extraordinary means of obtaining information. Special magical powers granted by the pool would explain both the aura and the extra information gathering capability.

   Note 3: Tyranthraxus tells stories about moving down from the north.

Though he never mentions the Pool, I gather that it is northwest of the Dragonspine Mountains. Strangely, he occasionally lets slip that he is never far from the Pool, but that must be a parenthetical reference.

Journal Entry 31:

   Told in quiet, hissing speech.
    Thank you for saving my children from the Mutilator Yarash.  In return I

will aid you in what way I can, though that may not be great.

    I have lost much of my following to young Drythh who listens to the false

promises of Tyranthraxus... that if he brings troops to invade Phlan, he will rule the riverbanks.

    So, Drythh and his followers have been proving themselves in raids upon

the kobold caves to the southwest and the hobgoblin caves to the south.

    For some time my followers have been disappearing.  But, when you freed my

children from the clutches of the evil Yarash my status was increased. Drythh kept quiet for a time, but once again the young warriors listen to him and not to me.

Journal Entry 32:

   An announcement on rugged paper written in large clear symbols.
    Be it announced that Mace, the former cleric of lord Bane, is hereby

ejected from the church. His crimes include refusal to follow temple dictates, unauthorized performance of major miracles, and the great heresy of placing other gods above our almighty lord Bane.

     All loyal followers of lord Bane must report Mace's presence on sight.  He

is to be captured, brought before a loyal tribunal for fair and just judgment, and then burned at the stake.

Journal Entry 33:

   An official looking notice.
   The time has come for you to add your power to the growing legions of my


-- Page 23 --

Come and supplicant yourself to me and I will reward you as an important officer in my magical forces. You will serve as the advisor to the cohort of soldiers to be based at Sorcerer s Island. Resist and you shall be crushed before my almighty power. I expect your positive reply within the week.

   The Boss

Journal Entry 34:

   Told in a triumphant tone.
   You have no understanding of the subtlety of Tyranthraxus and his allies.

Here you have trusted me enough to let your guard down. Now you are my prisoners.

    My kobold friends deserve some reward for their help.  Therefore, you are

to be taken to their pit. There, unarmed, you shall fight Bersheera, my pet serpent. He should be hungry now, merchants don t satisfy him for long.

Journal Entry 35:

   Told in halting speech.
   Thank you for freeing us.  Yarash has been experimenting on our people,

changing them in horrible ways. Every night we carry off another lizard man with his chest burst open or his head mangled. Yarash say he make us like Sa-Hag-An. He always say that he make us stronger, better hunters. But all he makes us is dead.

    We were not allowed to speak when Yarash was around.  These marks were

passed down to us and remind us of home. They represent the friend word used between lizard men of different tribes. If you meet lizard men on the outside, this word may help you. The lizard man carefully scratches marks into the dirt. You may recognize the marks as two runes and a path symbol.


Journal Entry 36:

   Carefully prepared notes:
   Note 4:  He has fooled me.  All this time he has called himself

Tyranthraxus the Flamed One. He exhibited his flame, and spoke of deeds attributed to Tyranthraxus. But today, while he did not know I was around, he revealed his true identity. He spoke into the great pool in his lair, I think he spoke to lord Bane himself. And he referred to himself as Maram. Maram, he of the great spear, is also a servant of Bane.

    Why would my leader use a false name? He hides his true identity from the

world, so that they do not research his past and discover his weaknesses. What if he also hides his identity from his closest advisors, so that they also cannot know his true abilities and weaknesses. Anyone who attacked him, thinking to utilize the weaknesses of Tyranthraxus, would be destroyed by the different powers Maram of the Great Spear.

    My research into Tyranthraxus is now useless.  I must scour my records for

details concerning Maram of the Great Spear. I have much work to do.

-- Page 24 --



-- Page 25 --


-- Page 26 --

Journal Entry 38:

   Several pieces of paper with highly organized writing.
   Fact: Werner von Urslingen is a retired mercenary captain turned business


   Strong Rumor: mostly interested in the military aspects of the reconquest of


   Rumor: fought in a mercenary unit hired by The Boss early in his career.
   Rumor: hates Zhentarim because he fought in a unit against them several


   Rumor: has strong contacts with other mercenaries and some ruffians in

town; none of our informants confirm such contact.

   Vague Rumor: Von Urslingen s unit was wiped out by enemy magic users; he

was the only survivor, he retired and now secretly hats magic users.

Journal Entry 39:

   A preserved parchment covered with giant script.
    I am writing to you to describe my further inquiries into the legend of

the Pool of Radiance. It seems the pool has moved several times. Long ago, at least one wise wizard actually moved the pool into his abode for a period of time to study it. However, the pool seems to return to its original location after every move. I am now watching the dry hole that is the pool s natural location. When it returns I will be ready. I truly believe that the Pool of Radiance is the key to the secret wisdom that I seek.

   Yours in wisdom

Journal Entry 40:

   A quick note on the often used piece of paper.
    Both kobolds and hobgoblins exist in large numbers to the east.

Experiments show neither makes good breeding material.



-- Page 27 --

Journal Entry 43:

   A loosely wrapped scroll.
    Aramalg-the-Good, paladin and brother of Taimalg-the-Invincible, and

Sarasim of Teshwave, the high priestess of Sune, attacked the denizens of the Valhingen Graveyard with a holy vengeance. They came in search of Taimalg and his mercenary band, who assaulted the graveyard and did not return.

    Sarasim used her holy power to dissipate and turn the undead that

confronted them. Aramalg wielded his vorpal sword and slew the few that fought her power.

    Together , Aramalg and Sarasim penetrated the graveyard to an evil marble

crypt. They found and splintered an empty coffin, blessing the remains and sprinkling it with holy water. Then they confronted the owner of the coffin, a creature of great evil and the leader of the undead in Valhingen, an ancient vampire. The three began a furious melee.

    The vampire was swayed by Aramalg and Sarasim s power, but would not be

turned. The vampires shouted, I have defeated Taimalg and his warriors, I will defeat the brother of Taimalg as well!

   The vampire summoned an army of rats and tried to charm Sarasim to his

side, but to no avail. Sarasim resisted his charm and Aramalg charged through the massed vermin. The vampire fell before the mighty blows of Aramalg s holy sword and Sarasim s enchanted mace.

    Defeated, the ancient vampire dissolved into gas and fled to his coffin.

Finding the coffin destroyed he returned to solid form and screamed. Seizing the moment Aramalg grabbed the vampire and held him with all his strength. Sarasim ran up and drove an oaken stake through the vampire s heart.

   Aramalg and Sarasim performed the proper rituals to banish the vampire

forever. Then, wounded, Aramalg and Sarasim left Valhingen Graveyard. It was beyond their power to completely cleanse the evil place, but they had extracted proper vengeance for the death of Tiamalg and his troops.

Journal Entry 44:

   A clearly written note on standard paper found on the body of a dead


    Hello my good friend, I hope you and your brood are well.  I am tired;

tired of trekking through unspeakable swamps and over unclimbable mountains to take my meager wares to ungrateful customers.

   Only one event has saved this year s sales.  I found a castle full of happy

folk who were very good customers. They were starved for goods and news from the outside world. And well they should be, their castle was in the middle of a small forest, and the forest was in the middle of a swamp!

   These people seemed to know nothing of recent events.  They still spoke of

Phlan as if it were in its full flower. And they paid in old Phlanian Gold Sovereigns, double the weight of the newer gold coins!

   Though they were out of date, they were very friendly and prosperous.  I

saw more than one gem glitter n the sun, and several swords showed a flash that made me think they were magic. If you are willing to dodge the vermin of the swamp I would add this castle to your trading route. Speed to your horse, strength to your arm, and skill to your trading.

   Your friend,

-- Page 28 --

Journal Entry 45:

   Told in perfect, stylized, common.
   Generations ago, flesh things were fewer and we hard-shelled beings ruled

the shores of Lazara, what flesh things call the Moonsea. We gathered much gold and platinum, plus many gems for decoration and to appease our own gods. We are quite adept at finding such trinkets was we make our home by burrowing with our mandibles. We know the earth like none other can.

    When flesh things began to multiply, we did not look on them as

intelligent. They could not decipher our glorious language of sounds and movement and we could not fathom intelligent communication limited to their feeble squeaks and grunts.

    As we assumed the flesh creatures were unintelligent we looked on them as

slow, soft, weak, but tasty, prey. But the prey soon came riding swift beasts, and so were no longer slow. Then they came in metal shells, and se were no longer soft. And then they came hurling balls of fire and clouds of stink, and so were no longer weak. Our gods told us that the flesh creatures would multiply and that our only hope was to retreat.

    We retreated underground, into caverns carved by our own mandibles.  We

only venture to the surface to guard our lands and to find food less powerful than yourselves. We have kept the location of our nest secret for many generations.

    But now you have come.  You have defeated our warriors, evaded our traps.

We admit your power. We have nothing further to gain by combat. If you will leave us in peace you may take the gold and gems that were sacred to our gods, we have been abandoned by them. If you will not leave us in peace then we must fight to the last. What is your decision?

Journal Entry 46:

   Told as jaunty, after dinner conversation.
   This is an old story that I first heard while serving as the Citadel of the

Raven. Dirg was the usual barbarian hero -- the type able to snap five men s backs with his bare hands, wrestle and tame the cloud horses, pierce a man with a javelin from many miles away, and other equally preposterous things.

   The story goes that Ding and his band of men found a pool of unfrozen water

while wondering in the snowy wastes. Dirg s little pet lizard Jezma got too close to the pool and discovered that not only was the water not frozen, it was boiling hot; so hot that it cooked the skin right off Jezma.

   Dirg was so angered he thrust his spear into the pool and roiled the

waters. The demon of the fire that inhabited the pool was disturbed and roared out of the pool to do battle. The demon leapt from man to man consuming them in a single touch.

   But the demon of the fire could not defeat Dirg.  Neither could Ding find a

weapon strong enough to withstand the creature s fire. After battling for an entire day, Ding finally called upon his totem god for aid. With this magical aid, Ding was able to trap the flaming demon in a triangle of power where supposedly he is even to this day.

Journal Entry 47:

   A small wrinkled parchment with roughly scratched notes.
    Hobgoblins transferred out of Valjevo Castle.  Now replaced by giants and

trolls. Sounds very tough.

-- Page 29 --

   Stojanow Gate guarded by bugbears and ettins.  Heart ettins didn't like

light. Must be charmed or controlled. Sounds tough!.

   Some smugglers sneak supplies through Stojanow Gate to The Boss.  Must

check it out.

   Overheard hobgoblins say a dragon scared them into leaving a nice lair in

the mountains out east. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of creeps.

Journal Entry 48:

   Several pieces of paper with highly organized writing.
   Strong Rumor: The Boss is a dragon or is a human who can take the form of a


   Vague Rumor: The Boss is a metallic dragon.  Not considered likely as

metallic dragons are good.

   Fact: The boss holds audiences in Valjevo Castle.  Castle is guarded by

groups of big stupid monsters, with occasional smart human leaders.

   Rumor: The Boss doesn't spend full time at Valjevo Castle.
   Fact: maze inside castle wall; passwords are needed to get past castle


   Rumor: The Boss has been sending out messengers to the tribes of monsters

in the area to recruit new units.

   Vague Rumor: The boss is recruiting new units in preparation for an assault

to retake the civilized sections of Phlan.

Journal Entry 49:

   A letter on clean white paper in a strong hand
   The Boss
   Valjevo Castle, Phlan
    I categorically reject your demand that I submit my island and my powers

to your control. I am a free man and I will remain free. No petty tyrant can order about a true mage.

   if you or your troops make any move toward Sorcerer s Island I shall send

an army of my unstoppable aquatic creations down the Barren River and sink your precious castle. Until now you have been beneath my notice. If you value your empire, let us keep it that way.

   Yarash, the Sorcerer

Journal Entry 50:

   An official looking notice
    Assemble a group of at least 30 of your followers.  Meet up with a

hobgoblin assault force at the small docks to the west of town. You and your group will be under the command of the hobgoblin leader. Upon completion of the mission you will be rewarded with food treasure, and many slaves.

   The Boss
   Scribbled on the back of these orders is Norris the Gray's unsent reply to

The Boss

   I will never follow the orders of a hobgoblin.  I don t go on missions

until I know exactly what we are supposed to do. And I don t go on missions for an unknown amount of food, treasure, and slaves . I do go on missions where I am in command; where I know exactly what the target is; and where I know exactly how much I'll get paid. Don t send me another order until you can meet my terms.

   Norris the Gray

-- Page 30 --

Journal Entry 51:

   Several pieces of paper with highly organized writing:
   Fact: Bishop Braccio is the highest ranking religious leader in Phlan.

Runs small temple in civilized section of city.

   Vague Rumor: Braccio is actually a front-man for a powerful high priest who

never leaves the small temple.

   Strong Rumor: Braccio is under fire to do something about the undead

problem. So long as the undead were causing the monsters more trouble then the settlers, he had other, more pressing problems.

   Rumor: Braccio is opposed to the temple tendency to sell clerical  miracles
but he understands that the temple needs the funds. Braccio would rather

perform such miracles in exchange for good works done in the name of the church, not just for money or items of power.

Journal Entry 52: Delivered in chillingly clear tones.

   Hear us in our hour of need! the nomad witchdoctor cries, This night we

fight a great battle. By breaking of dawn either our enemies will be dead o we will be dead or we will have been destroyed.

   Accept the sacrifice of these outsiders and give us the strength to defeat

the hordes of our enemies. Fill our limbs with you fire, and fill our minds with your fury. Let us vanquish our enemies just as we vanquish these invaders who have come among us.

Journal Entry 53:

   A crumpled discarded piece of paper, full of rub outs and scratch overs.
   Priests:            1
   Acolytes:           4
   Ogres:              1
   Hobgoblins:         40
   Orcs:               90
   Goblin Slaves:      20

Journal Entry 54:

   A page from an unknown diary.
   They stole my map to the Pool.  Somehow they knew when I was coming and

exactly what to look for, They didn't even bother to kill me; they said I wasn't worth killing. They just crippled my legs, took the map, and rode away laughing.

    After the attack and the rigors of my trek all I remember is that the

Pool is in the Dragonspine, north and west of Sorcerer s Island. It shines just like they said it would. You can feel the power flowing out of it. Kings and generals have searched for the Pool, and I had a map that led right to it.

    If I ever get back the use of my legs I'll go after them.  I'll get back

my map. I'll get to the Pool. and this time I'll bathe in its power. Then I'll teach them. I'll teach them all.

-- Page 31 --

Journal Entry 55:

   Delivered as you sit around the camp fire/
    You must beware of the many dangers in this region.  Several days walk to

the west there is the pyramid of evil. It has been long avoided by all sensible men. To the southeast is a lair of many ferocious hobgoblins. The areas to the southwest, are inhabited by evil men -- buccaneers, marauders, and soldiers of an evil empire far to the west. And all good folks avoid the swamps to the east. Nothing but danger grows in the swamps.

Journal Entry 56:

   An unsent note written on sturdy parchment.
    An active dragon has made its home in the Dragonspine Mountains to the

northwest. Keep search parties away from the area so as not to catch the dragon s attention.

Journal Entry 57:

A ratty piece of parchment with large writing on one side.

Our spies in the city inform us that a party of invaders will travel to Sokal Keep to free it . To combat these invaders, assemble a force of no less than three squads. Travel by boat from the small docks at the west of town to Thorn Island. Move undetected to Sokal Keep. Find the adventurers in or around Sokal Keep. Kill them before they can return to the city council with information about the true situation at the keep. Return with the intruder s heads as proof of completion of your mission. Upon completion you will be rewarded with food, treasure, and many slaves.


The Boss


-- Page 32 --

TAVERN TALES The taverns of New Phlan are filled with scoundrels, con-men, and adventurers - every one a liar and a gossip. They following tavern tales represent such rumors and lies. _______________________________

When you are in a tavern, you may be referred to a particular tale by number. Find and read that tale. If you really think of your adventurers as rumor mongers, read all the tales.

Some of these tales are true, some are based on truth, and some have never been corrupted by a hint of truth. Even when a tavern tale is referred to by number, it might be false.

Tale 1: Far to the northeast, in the midst of a vast swamp, lie the uninhabited ruins of a powerful wizard s castle.

Tale 2: A drunk bard sits in a corner of the tavern spinning a seemingly endless tale, but not one is listening.

Tale 3: Wells throughout the city often provide access to hidden dens and underground passages.

Tale 4: An anglish lord commandeers one corner of the bar to lecture on the ultimate range of his adventures. The crowd ignores him.

Tale 5: To the east of Phlan lies a gleaming castle of gold that shifts its location from time to time.

Tale 6: A weird looking wizard, dressed all in black, sits alone and mumbles into his beer, I'll return next time and show them all!

Tale 7: Great treasurer are to be found on the banks of the Barren River as one ventures northward.

Tale 8: The graveyard is controlled by a very powerful and clever undead creature.

Tale 9: A puzzled patron with a limited vocabulary questions everyone he comes across about how to complete a manuscript dated 1977 GUE. Unfortunately, no one can help him.

Tale 10: To the west lives a tribe of insect-men who worship normal men and give valuable gifts to all who visit them.

Tale 11: The Dragonspine Mountains are inhabited by a race of evil dragons who lure traders to their lairs and slay them.

-- Page 33 --

Tale 12: A bedraggled adventurer decries, There was a man called turtle, walls that aren't there, living daggers; I never did figure out what was going on!

Tale 13: A master thief has set up a hidden training deep in the old city right under the noses of monsters.

Tale 14: Ogres who live to the east of Phlan are holding a captive princess for whom a huge reward has been offered.

Tale 15: The merchants of Zhentil Keep are setting up a trading base far to the west of Phlan. They re hiring caravan guards for good wages.

Tale 16: Buccaneers operate a slave auction out of a hidden camp near Stormy Bay.

Tale 17: An old sage sits in a corner with a dark wizard. You re right, laughs the sage, they'll do anything I tell them to, no matter how silly or phantastic.

Tale 18: Off to the east of Phlan roams a tribe of marauding nomads. They have been pillaging villages in he plains with the help of a powerful artifact they have discovered.

Tale 19: Mighty tribes of wild dwarves, thousands of them, roam the Dragonspine Mountains, destroying villages and killing travelers.

Tale 20: I was totally confused; it was like being lost in the darkness, sighed the overwrought adventurer. Rabbits, hats, bowling balls? Where in the realms was I?

Tale 21: The monsters in Phlan are led by one of the generals who sacked the city a generation ago. The general has used great magic to make himself immortal.

Tale 22: A vast fortress of kobolds dominates the western tip of the great swamp. These normally weak creatures grow to great size and have extraordinary powers here.

Tale 23: An ancient Silver Dragon still lives up in the Dragonspine Mountains. The dragon is not evil and will help travelers who battle evil.

-- Page 34 --



Coin Type Gold Equivalent

Copper 200 cp = 1 gp Silver 20 sp = 1 gp Electrum 2 ep = 1 gp Gold 1 gp = 1 gp Platinum 1/5 pp = 1 gp


This is a listing of spells available to player character clerics and magic- users as they gain in level.

FIRST LEVEL CLERICAL SPELLS Bless/Curse Cure Light Wounds/Cause Light Wounds Detect Magic Protection from Evil/Protection from Good

SECOND LEVEL CLERICAL SPELLS Find Traps Hold Person Resist Fire Silence 15' Radius Slow Poison Snake Charm Spiritual Hammer

THIRD LEVEL CLERICAL SPELLS Animate Dead Cure Blindness/Cause Blindness Cure Disease/Cause Disease Dispel Magic Prayer Remove Curse/Bestow Curse

FIRST LEVEL MAGIC USER SPELLS Burning hands Charm Person Detect Magic Enlarge/Reduce Friends Magic Missile Protection from Evil/Protection from Good Read Magic Shield Shocking Grasp Sleep

SECOND LEVEL MAGIC USER SPELLS Detect invisibility Invisibility Knock Mirror image Ray of Enfeeblement Stinking Cloud Strength

THIRD LEVEL MAGIC USER SPELLS Blink Dispel Magic Fireball Haste Hold Person Invisibility, 10' Radius Lightening Bolt Protection from Evil, 10' Radius/Protection from Good, 10' Radius Protection from Normal Missiles Slow

ARMOR LIST Armor Type in gp. AC Movement

None 0 10 - Shield, Small# 50 9 - Leather 150 8 12 squares Padded 100 8 9 squares Studded 200 7 9 squares Ring 250 7 9 squares Scale 400 6 6 squares Chain 300 5 9 squares Splint 400 4 6 squares Banded 350 4 9 squares Plate 450 3 6 squares

  • A character carrying many objects, including lots of coins, can be further

limited in movement to a minimum of 3 squares per turn.

  1. A Shield subtracts 1 AC from any armor it's used with.


The following shows the amount of experience a character must earn to gain a level in his character class. All experience earned by multiple-class characters is divided by the number of classes. When a character has earned a gain a level for one class but not another, the Show command shows is highest level.

-- Page 35 --

Thus, a character who is a fighter-thief and has earned 1,800 experience points in each class (a total of 3,500 XP), will be shown t be 2nd level because he has earned that level as a thief, though not as a fighter. His fighting abilities are still based on his being a 1st level fighter.

CLERIC Spells*

Level Experience 1 2 3

1 0-1,500 1 - - 2 1,501-3,000 2 - - 3 3,001-6,000 2 1 - 4 6,001-13,000 3 2 - 5 13,001-27,500 3 3 1 6 27,501-55,000 3 3 2

  • Clerics get additional Spells by Level if they have a Wisdom of 13 or greater.


Level Experience 1 0-2,000 2 2,001-4,000 3 4,001-8,000 4 8,001-18,000 5 18,001-35,000 6 35,001-70,000 7 70,001-125,000 8 125,001-250,000


Level Experience 1 2 3

1 0-2,500 1 - - 2 2,501-5,000 2 - - 3 5,001-10,000 2 1 - 4 10,001-22,500 3 2 - 5 22,501-40,000 4 2 1 6 40,001-60,000 4 2 2


Level Experience 1 0-1,250 2 1,251-2,500 3 2,501-5,000 4 5,001-10,000 5 10,001-20,000 6 20,001-42,500 7 42,501-70,000 8 70,001-110,000 9 110,001-160,000


A good or evil cleric (not a neutral one) has a certain influence on undead. He extends this influence by using the Turn command in the Combat Menu. His level determines how many undead and what kind he can influence. Evil clerics can make undead either neutral or friendly to the party. Good clerics can drive the undead away and may be able to destroy them if the cleric is of a high enough level and the undead are of a low-enough level.

The following is a list of undead in increasing order of power and what minimum level of cleric a character has to be to have any influence over them. Low level clerics generally have a chance, not a certainty, of affecting undead.


Undead Type Level of Cleric

Skeleton 1st Zombie 1st Ghoul 1st Wight 1st Wraith 3rd Mummy 4th Spectre 5th Vampire 6th


Ability Scores. These are numbers that describe the attributes of the characters. There are six ability scores: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. For the most part, the range of numbers runs from 3 to 18, the higher the better.

Adventurer. This is a term for one of the characters you play in this game.

Alignment. This is the basic philosophy of a character. See Alignment in the What are Characters? section of the rule book.

Character. This is another name for one of the persons you play in the game. A party consists of several characters.

Command. A one or two word option in a menu. Activating that command allows you either to view another menu or have your characters perform an action.

Encounter. This is what happens when party meets a monster. You are given a menu of choices of how you want to handle the situation.

Enter. The act of giving a command to the computer. How this is done varies depending on the computer.

-- Page 36 --

Experience Points (XP). Every encounter the characters have yields experience points for every character depending on how successful the encounter was for the party. A character who gains enough XP can advance a level if he has enough gold for training.

Facing. In combat, a character faces a certain direction. An attack from the direction he is not facing has a greater chance of doing damage. A character will always face an opponent if he has only one opponent.

Hit Points (HP). This is a measure of how healthy a character is. Damage from weapons subtracts hit points from the character's total. When he has lost all of his hit points, he is unconscious and dying. If his wounds are bound by another party members, he is simply unconscious.

Icon. This is the small picture of a monster or a character seen in the initial stages of an encounter and during combat. Character icons can be altered using the Alter command in the Camp Menu.

Initiative. This is a semi-random determination of which character in a combat acts first. The characters with higher dexterities have a better chance for a higher initiative.

Level. This describes the power of a number of different items. The power of characters, dungeons, monsters, and spells are all described with levels.

Character Level. This is a determination of how much experience a character has. The higher the level, the more experienced and important the character is. High-level spellcasters can cast high level spells.

Dungeon Level. This is a measure of how far down in the earth a dungeon is. For the most part, the further down one is the more ferocious the monsters. Thus, a high-level dungeon refers either to how deep it goes or the relative toughness of the monsters.

Monster Level. This is a measure of how powerful monsters are. The higher the level, the more powerful the monster.

Spell Level. Spells come in degrees of difficulty. The higher the level of the spell, the higher the difficulty. Only very experienced magic-users and clerics can learn high level spells.

Magic. This term covers spellcasting, enchanted items, and any other application of the supernatural.

Melee Combat. This is a hand-to-hand combat with weapons such as swords, spears, and fists.

Missile Combat. This is ranged combat with weapons such as bows and arrows, crossbows and quarrels, and slings and slingstones.

Monster. This term actually includes human and other player races as well as such creatures as ogres and dragons. In general, if it isn't part of your party, it's a monster. Monsters are not necessarily hostile. Some may be helpful. That's what the Parlay command in the Encounter Menu is for.

Non-Player Character (NPC). This is a member of a player character race how is not controlled by the player. Some NPC's can be brought into a party.

Party. The group of adventurers you form to perform the missions you are given. A party can be reformed for each adventure, and even altered during the course of an adventure.

Player Character (PC). This is a member of a player character race who is controlled by the player. The characters in your adventuring party are PCs.

Spell. This is a magic incantation that can alter the nature of reality. Both magic-users and clerics can cast spells after memorizing them. If the spell is cast, it is gone from the user's mind and must be rememorized.

Spell Book. The book a magic-user carries his spells in. If he doesn't have a magic book, he has no spells to memorize.

-- Page 37 --


Class Armor Shield Weapons Cleric any any club, flail, hammer, mace, staff Fighter any any any Magic-User none none dagger, dart, staff Thief leather none club, dagger, dart, sling, one handed swords

                              WEAPONS LIST

Name Damage vs. Damage vs. Larger Number Class

               Man Sized       Than Man Sized          of Hands

Axe, Hand 1-6 1-4 1 f Bardiche+ 2-8 3-12 2 f Bastard Sword 2-8 2-16 2 f Battleaxe 1-8 1-8 1 f Bec de Corbin+ 1-8 1-8 1-6 f Bill-Guisarme+ 2-8 2-8 1-10 f Bo Stick 1-6 1-8 2 f Broad Sword 2-8 2-7 1 f,th Club 1-6 1-3 1 f,cl,th Dagger 1-4 1-3 1 f,mu,th Dart 1-3 1-2 1 f,mu,th Fauchard+ 1-6 1-8 2 f Fauchard-Fork+ 1-8 1-10 2 f Flail 2-7 2-8 1 f,cl Fork, Military+ 1-8 2-8 2 f Glaive+ 1-6 1-10 2 f Claive, Guisarme+ 2-8 2-12 2 f

Guisarme+ 2-8 1-8 2 f Guisarme-

Voulge+ 2-8 2-8 2 f Halberd+ 1-10 2-12 2 f Lucern Hammer+ 2-8 1-6 2 f,cl

Hammer 2-5 1-4 1 f Javelin 1-6 1-6 1 f Jo Stick 1-6 1-4 1 f Long Sword 1-8 1-12 1 f,th Mace 2-7 1-6 1 f,cl Morning Star 2-8 2-7 1 f Partisan+ 1-6 2-7 2 f Pick, Military 2-5 1-4 1 f Pike, Awl+ 1-6 2-12 1 f Quarterstaff 1-6 1-6 2 f,cl,mu Ranseur+ 2-8 2-8 2 f Scimitar 1-8 1-8 1 f Short Sword 1-6 1-8 1 f,th Spear 1-6 1-8 1 f Spetum+ 2-7 2-12 2 f Trident 2-7 3-12 1 f Two-Handed Sword 1-10 3-18 2 f

Voulge+ 2-8 2-8 2 f Composite Long Bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f

Composite Short Bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f

Long Bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f Heavy Crossbow* 2-5 2-7 2 f

Light Crossbow* 1-4 1-4 2 f Short bow* 1-6 1-6 2 f Sling 1-4 1-4 1 f

+Polearm *Must have ready arrows to fire. #Must have ready quarrels too fire. f=fighter, cl=cleric, th=thief, mu=magic-user.

-- Page 38 --