Before Exporting[edit | edit source]

Before transferring your characters to Stone Prophet, you may want to adjust their inventory in Strahd's Possession. Note that only the two player-created characters will be able to move on to the second game. The following items will be removed by the transfer:

  • All containers and their contents
  • The Rod of Smiting
  • Keys and quest items

Transferring[edit | edit source]

In the Strahd's Possession folder, there will be up to 11 folders called SAVE##, with ## being 00 - 10. For the GOG version, older saves may be in the RLOFT subfolder while new ones will be in cloud_saves. Find the one corresponding to the save you want. In there, find SAVE.DAT and copy it into the PROPHET folder for the second game. In Stone Prophet, select "Import Characters" and scroll until you find SAVE.DAT. Note that enemies will have better chances to hit against an imported party than a new one.

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